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XC Informational Meeting

posted May 15, 2019, 3:34 PM by Micah Mobley   [ updated May 15, 2019, 3:35 PM ]

Our pre-summer meeting for the 2019 XC Campaign will be Wednesday May 22nd, after school, in Coach Mobley's room at the high school.  

The information for the upcoming summer schedule, including this year's camp, will be covered.  We will also set some early-season expectations for our summer training that will be an important foundation that we hope to build on.  

To be clear, there is no prior experience required.  We welcome any individual of any ability level, who decides that they want to come challenge their bodies and minds to become a stronger athlete.  Come get the details, ask the questions, and find out what we are all about!

State Meet Information

posted Oct 26, 2018, 4:32 AM by Micah Mobley

Link to all the information from the IHSAA can be found here. 

We will leave from the shelter house.
9:15 is our scheduled departure time.  All athletes should be there around 9AM.

1:00 PM Girls Race 
1:45 PM Boys Race

Semi State Information

posted Oct 17, 2018, 8:47 AM by Micah Mobley

The meet information is available here.  Admission is $5 per person.  Directions and all that are found on the document I just linked. 

We will meet to load up before 8:45 AM at the shelter house 
Girls race at 11:30
Boys race at 12:15

Upcoming Practice Schedule

posted Oct 1, 2018, 7:19 AM by Micah Mobley

THURSDAY October 4th:  We will still practice from 3-5.  I am in Parent-Teacher conferences that day after kids are dismissed, so we can not practice immediately after dismissal.  I will be able to get out for the 4-5 hour, so i can at least make it for the actual workout.  Our assistant coaches will be leading the beginning part of practice.  

FRIDAY October 5th: We will meet at 9AM for practice.  It is our pre-meet day and will not take very long.  We should be done by 10:30.

SATURDAY October 6th: Meet at EECC (the Early Childhood Center out on 46) at 8AM.  The Hilly Hundred is this weekend so we can not meet here at the school. 

THE WEEK OF FALL BREAK: We will meet at 9AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We do this so that it still gives kids a chance to rest and sleep in a bit, but still keeps us closer to our regular sleep patters for the week inbetween Sectional and Regional.  It should also be early enough that it does not get too hot at this time of year. 

Info for Brown County Eagle Classic

posted Sep 7, 2018, 9:27 AM by Micah Mobley   [ updated Sep 7, 2018, 12:06 PM ]

Be at the school at 6:30

Weather has been an issue this year, more than any other.  As of right now it seems like Coach Abraham out at Brown County expects that the meet will happen.  Looking at the forecast, it does call for rain, but there are no storms predicted.  We will run in the rain, but can not if there is lightning. 

Good Morning,
We have set up a remind for for Eagle Classic this year so you are up to date on any weather or construction delays that may take place Saturday. Please pass the remind information along to your coaches and ask them to sign up.
Also, because our course is not at our school, if coaches are using a GPS they can enter 1600 Magnolia Lane and it will take them right to our course that is actually on 46 east.
Keep in mind that road construction is happening on 46 east and there are delays up to 30-45 minutes at times.

To sign up for Eagle Classic 2018 notifications, please visit

Awards: Awards will be given ½ hour after the completion of each race.

Awards: Team awards: Trophies will be given to Elite, Varsity Division A and Division AA Champions, Freshman/Sophomore, and Reserve Champions. Ribbons to top five teams in each race.
Individual Awards: Plaques to all race champions Elite, (Division A and Division AA). Medals for places two through ten in the Varsity and Freshman/Sophomore races.  Ribbons will be given for places 11 through 25 in the Varsity and Freshman/Sophomore races and 1 through 15 for the Reserve races.
8:30am       Freshman/Sophomore Boys’ Race - 5 Kilometer Up to 10 Runners (Elliott, Anthony, Landon, Elijah, Cayden, Dylan)

9:00am       Girls’ Elite Race Up to 10 Runners (All of our girls are in this race)
(any runner not in the elite race who ran a time under 19:30 this year or last year can run in the elite race) 
9:30am       Boys’ Elite Race Up to 10 Runners (Austin will compete in this race)
(any runner not in the elite race who ran a time under 16:30 this year or last year can run in the elite race)
10:00am     Girls’ Varsity Race 7 Runners
10:35am     Boys’ Varsity Race 7 Runners (Cameron, Liam, Zay, Luke, and Nathan will compete in this race)
11:05am     Girls’ Reserve Race Unlimited
11:40am     Boys’ Reserve Race Unlimited        

Info for Clay City Meet

posted Sep 6, 2018, 7:19 AM by Micah Mobley   [ updated Sep 6, 2018, 7:20 AM ]

3:45-Team member arrival time at EHS Athletic Doors (we need to load all the gear, including water coolers)  

5:00-Team Check In

6:00-Girls Combined race (no separate JV race, they all will run together) 
6:40-Boys Combined race (no separate JV race, they all will run together) 
7:45-High School awards.  

We will try to load the bus as much as is practical, prior to the awards, so that we can leave as soon as they are done  This should put us getting back home sometime between 9:00 and 9:30.  We will have the kids contact rides when we are about 25-30 minutes away. 

For more info and directions to the course (and for all meets we have coming up) you can go to our schedule and click on the meet name for info sheets, and click on the course location for directions to the meet.   

Info for Columbus meet

posted Aug 31, 2018, 8:44 AM by Micah Mobley

6:15-Team member arrival time  

8:00-Team Check in at Ceraland

9:00-Girls Varsity (9 runners per team) Since we have a few not competing tomorrow, we will only have entrants in this race. 
9:30-Boys Varisty (9 runners per team) The 9 in this race were announced at practice Friday.
10:00-Girls Reserve (we do not have any girls in this race)
10:30-Boys Reserve (we have some in this race)
11:00-High School awards.  

We will likely leave by noon, and be back home sometime around 1:30...well, that's my best guess as of right now. 

For more info and directions to the course (and for all meets we have coming up) you can go to our schedule and click on the meet name for info sheets, and click on the course location for directions to the meet. 

Mustang Invite and Mustang Mini Help

posted Aug 26, 2018, 8:25 PM by Micah Mobley

I am not the best at delegating and/or asking for help, but I will put this all out there and we can figure out where people would want to jump in and help.

The actual course is in good shape for both events.  It has been mowed, trimmed, and is scheduled to have lines painted by Mr. Hammett on Monday.

MUSTANG INVITE (Tuesday, August 28th)
  • I am handling the race entry before the meet.  There are two people coming to run the timing equipment the day of the race, but I will kinda be "on call" if there is a need for me.  
  • We could always use extra hands at the finish line to 1) write bib numbers down; 2) keep athletes sorted  and moving through the chute when they finish; and 3) tear bib tags and put them on the stringer;
  • Our coaching staff and manager are all aware of their role to help get kids to the line, get splits etc.
  • Melinda and Elicia are going to oversee the concessions and T-shirt sales, but they will need some help there. 

MUSTANG MINI (Sunday September 2nd)

  • Saturday afternoon/evening I will be going around setting out the signs and marking the course.  That entails setting signs at the turns, painting arrows on the ground at turns on trails, and "roping" the turns off with teflon tape. 
  • This is also when we gather all the tables and water coolers and cups, and go drop them off at the locations.  That way, in the morning we just have to drive around and set them up.  
  • We could use some trash cans for the water tables.  Kids did a good job picking up the areas last year, but sometimes runners feel better having a target to at least toss their cup near as they run by. 
  • We could use some doorprizes.  What I have done for the race winner was a free entry for the following year, and a half-off for 2nd place.  But it would be good to start having some gift certificates and stuff like that to start giving out.  If anyone has some good contacts there, or even wants to offer your own goods there, I'm open to ideas.  If there are any contacts you all have with local businesses that would like to chip in with some stuff like that, then we could figure out what makes sense to divide it up.  Like 5K winner, Mini Winner, etc.  
  • We will likely not have age group awards, since there is likely to be a very spread out field.  I had thought of getting rid of the 3K for that reason, but I am still holding onto it because if the race continues to grow, I think that can be an attractive feature. 


The athletes will be the main ones out along the course for the water tables.  Participants have commented on that aspect of it as a positive of the race. We started doing it since this is a fundraiser for them, it is good for them to be around the course to support the participants. 

So I guess outside of the items on the volunteer form, lining up some door prizes and awards really seems like the most helpful things that could be done.  

If you all have suggestions, I'm open to it.  

First meet information

posted Aug 17, 2018, 3:32 PM by Micah Mobley   [ updated Aug 17, 2018, 4:14 PM ]

Team members should be at the high school at 6:30.   We will leave as soon as the bus is loaded up.  Athletes should have a breakfast before we leave and/or eat on the way.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend the Haystack from Village Inn on this particular morning, but they should not be going into their race on a completely empty stomach. 

There is word about an Air Show in Terre Haute tomorrow, so there might be some more traffic, but looking at the weather it might not end up being as much as we anticipated earlier in the week.  Still, we want to have plenty of time so we are not left scrambling this first meet. 

Girls are scheduled to race at 9:00 (all girls will run one race)
Boys are scheduled for 9:45. (all boys will run one race)
Awards are scheduled for 11:00
We should be home around 12:30-12:45, but we will have the team members get in touch with their rides when we are about 20 minutes away. 

HERE IS THE LOCATION for the meet.

Team members should be wearing what we now call the "Old" uniforms (the ones with the E logo thing on the front).  The girls are mainly red, the boys are mainly black.  (The candy stripe jerseys are held back for special meets)

Everyone should have their water bottles with them.  We talked about this earlier in the week, but it is a time of year where kids start getting sick if they are not paying attention to that stuff.  They should each have their own bottle and we will have our water jugs to refill them as needed.  

Trainers and spikes. Athletes should already have their spikes in their racing shoes.  Don't wait until we start warming up to do that.

Lots of stuff here!

posted Jul 21, 2018, 2:28 PM by Mustang TrackXC

Been a while since we have had a full slate of announcements, but the post camp week kinda caught up with me and here we go...i apologize for the length, but there is a lot of info to get out at the moment.  

1) Thank you to all the parents and athletes for coming together to make the camp one of the most successful we have had in my time around this program.  Kids were working hard and developing the team chemistry that is important for us to accomplish as much as I believe this group can. 

2) The summer schedule page was actually based on last years dates (my fault). Originally the Summer Running page indicated that this coming week we would begin practicing in the afternoon.  That was incorrect.  The actual plan for 2018 is to continue our morning practice for the upcoming week (23rd through 27th).  Then on the 30th, we will begin meeting at 3PM at the high school.  While I absolutely love getting the chance to work while it is cooler in the mornings, we will use the week before school begins as a way to allow our bodies a chance to adapt to working at 3PM, since that is when we will be running once the school year begins. 

3) September 2nd is the Mustang Mini!  We will need all available hands on deck. This is our primary (last year our ONLY) fundraiser.  Because of this event we were able to provide team logs, will provide team shirts, and were able to keep the camp cost relatively low for a four day trip.  We have grown the event for the past few years, and we hope to see it continue in 2018.  There will be plenty of work to be done.  In general, most kids end up manning a water table, or working at the finish line.  I am actually also going to begin a search for a primary sponsor on Monday morning, so if anyone knows of a business that would like to donate to the cause, in exchange for their name and logo plastered on the website, flyers, shirt and at the event, please forward them on to me.  

4) That being said, we may have the opportunity to pad our coffers a little bit, by working the Snow Cone stand at the four home football games this coming season.  We would need at least four people per night, and we would need to work through the 3rd quarter.   A portion of those proceeds that day would go to us, but we would also have the opportunity to then use the stand at our home cross country meets, and net the all of the profit.  If we could get our parents to cover the junior high meets and then they could cover ours, it would be the ideal situation.  Once I have the full schedules for all of those events, I will have a sign up sheet for that. 

5) I have already started fielding some questions about our traditional weekly pasta dinners.  Here is a link to a sign up sheet that we can use for this purpose.  It seemed to work well doing the camp food signup this way, so we can roll with what we know here.  Feel free to 

6) Lastly, thank you parents for your support in getting your kids to the different locations this summer.  The mileage is up from 2017 as a whole, and I really believe that having the chance to do these runs on the different trails we have gotten the chance to work on has helped make that experience more beneficial physically and mentally.  It really sets us up well for the upcoming season, and makes running from the school most days during the school year more tolerable. 

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