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Upcoming Schedule and Meet Change Announcement

posted Sep 8, 2019, 2:28 PM by Micah Mobley

This week we go to Clay City on Thursday and Brown County on Saturday.  I have attached the files with full meet info to this post, but you can also click on the name of the meet from our Meet Schedule page to open it there too.  

We are also excited to announce a new meet we were able to get in this year.  Instead of going to Crawford County (which was a neat meet on a beautiful course), we are going to the Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational in Louisville.  This is a highly competitive meet, with teams from 8 states in attendance last year, so we will see some competition that we don't get to see.  We believe this will be a great addition to our schedule, and are looking forward to it.  As of right now (Sunday) it appears that our girls team will be in the "Seeded" (Elite) race, and the boys will be in the Varsity race, with a few in the Frosh/Soph race.
The link to the meet is here, but it is also linked from the name of the meet in our Meet Schedule page.  That site has all the info about the meet, including course maps for the 5K (Varsity/Seeded races) and the 4K course (Frosh/Soph races).  

Meet Info: Columbus

posted Sep 6, 2019, 9:42 AM by Micah Mobley

Please meet at the Shelter House before 6:45.  The first race is at 9 and it takes more than an hour to get there, so we need to be out right at 6:45 to allow plenty of time to warm up.  

The Info Sheet is attached to this post, that has start times and a link to directions, and all that.  But Boys run at 9, girls at 9:30. 

It should be a great day for racing and we will be looking for execution of an assertive race plan from our team.  Get amped up, and lets get ready to go crush it!

First Time Ever

posted Sep 3, 2019, 8:16 PM by Micah Mobley

Thank you to all the parents who helped make this meet happen.  This was the first time in the 6 year history that our boys and girls have swept the team titles for our home invitational!  The kids should really be proud of their efforts!  

It was so exciting to watch it happen, and be able to go coach along the course, knowing that this meet was being run and managed by an incredibly generous and helpful group effort.  I know that I am going to miss someone and I apologize for it ahead of time, but the Crains and Abels and Goughs deserve a particular applause for the course conditions.  Between their efforts and Mr. Hammet's help getting it ready these past few weeks, this is honestly one of the nicest courses we get to run on.  And to Tammi who has been my main contact person for all things concessions related, I can not thank you enough.  You guys don't know how much I appreciate being able to let go of some of those things...those that have known me for a while know I have trouble with that sometimes! :)  But it was easy to do, knowing that this event was in the hands of people who take pride in this event as much as I do.  

Meet Info: Early Bird at Terre Haute

posted Aug 23, 2019, 10:21 PM by Micah Mobley

The 2019 Season is ready to kick off!!  We travel to the course where the state finals will be held in November, to start our competition season.  

We will now meet at the Shelter House, on our course.  Our awesome new storage building houses all of our race day gear, so our bus pickup and drop off will now be there.  

We need to meet at 6:45, with a planned departure at 7 sharp.  Athletes, please make sure you are there at 6:45, so we have plenty of hands on deck to load up. 

Boys race first this season, and will start us off at 9 AM , with the girls race at 9:45.  We expect that the schedule will be kept, and the girls will actually race at 9:45.

Full information is attached to the file with this post.  

We should arrive back home sometime around 1:00, but will have athletes contact parents as we are leaving the facility in Terre Haute to head back home.  

Any questions, give me a ring. I believe y'all have my number by this point, or you can hit up the GroupMe chat. 

Pictures Cancelled

posted Aug 8, 2019, 7:26 PM by Mustang TrackXC

We are going to have a lot of people out of town on Saturday, so we are going to push the pictures back and just hand out uniforms and do those on Monday before our workout. 

We are also going to adjust our workout that was planned for that day.  With Saturday being two weeks away from our first meet, we wanted to have a strong effort in our schedule on Saturday so our bodies can start adapting to our training cycles to include that.  We are setting up the week's schedule to culminate with this and this will be a very short practice.  We will not be doing any ancillary stuff on Saturday but will warmup, do the workout, cooldown and stretch.  It is a shorter workout planned, but will be fast, and we should be able to be done within an hour.  We will meet at 7:30 at Flatwoods and will be done by 8:30, if everyone is there.  Of course, if you are one of the folks out of town, we will miss you but understand.  Talk to one of your coaches about it on Friday to get the workout so you can get it in on your own.  

Week 8-Make the days count

posted Jul 21, 2019, 10:53 PM by Mustang TrackXC

This week we are going to be getting a little more back in the swing of things.  We get some more people back from vacations and we have some who were on a lower mileage week last week, getting back on their next buildup.
The workouts start building some volume a bit, and we introduce some new elements into the training.  Each thing planned for the week will challenge us in ways that will make us better IF we can approach each part of it the right way.  Let's challenge one another to make the most of our opportunities! 

50 min in groups. (~7mi for top group, ~5mi for back group) Conversational Pace (tempo will be tomorrow)
Gambetta #1 (3 sets, 0s, 1min) (20-10E-10E-10)
Jumprope Strides

3-4x trail 9 tempo (~1.25mi each, on short rest of about 60-90s)
Body Core

4x10 min segments, w/ Gambetta #2 after each segment. (Sub High Knee toe taps on a log or something for the quick step up)
Gambetta #2 (3 sets)
-20x lunge step w/ twist
-20x body squat
-40x quick step up
--5x Rocket Jumps

30-45 min Maint/ Recovery, plus strides
Dynamic Core
Whole team foam roller and rope session 

3x3x300m reps on XC course. 60 seconds between reps. 4min between sets

30-45 min Maint
Off or CT

Week 7-Build on Camp Week

posted Jul 14, 2019, 7:48 AM by Mustang TrackXC

Remember the individual discussions from camp, during out log review meetings.  Some people need to be going up in miles and some are actually coming down a bit this week.  
We also have a lot of folks who are going to be gone for various things throughout the week.  

Each day I am giving you a range of times/distances with the things we are doing.  Make sure to adjust it according to your plan.  Plan out your mileage for the week in your log books, and then have them ready to hold yourself accountable to.  

Monday: 350/50s on the course.  15-20x, very relaxed 350 and then a 50m buildup to max speed.  This should have a warmup and cooldown of 1.5-2mi each.  Gambetta #1 and Deadlift will also be on our plate. 

Tuesday:30-50 minute run 
Myrtle Routine
Lunge Progression
Body Core
10x100 fast-form strides

20-40 minute run
Big Ten
10x100 fast-form strides

Thursday:  4-5x 1mi repeats at 2mi TT pace.  Run time=rest time.  1.5-2mi for wmup and cooldn

Friday: 30-60 minute , Good ropes and rollers session

Weekend: LR of 7-10 and whatever else you need to get to your mileage goals. 

Camp Food

posted Jul 2, 2019, 5:52 AM by Mustang TrackXC

CAMP FOOD SIGNUPClick on the link to open the document that has all of our food and meal needs listed.  If you are willing to chip in and cover portions for a day, just type your name next to the item so everyone else can see what is already being covered.  
  • I will be out of town this weekend, so I will have to check the list on Friday morning and see what still needs to be covered.  I will make a trip Friday afternoon/evening to Sam's Club to cover whatever still needed to be.  
  • When we meet on Monday morning to leave, we will get it all organized and loaded.  We have two refrigerators at the cabin, but will need a few coolers to get stuff down there.  We can grab one of the big white ones from the school if needed, but they could be replaced by more smaller ones if people want to bring those.  I will have a few myself to use for the purpose.  
  • If anyone wants to drive a truck down with the coolers and food and all that and hang out that first day, we would be appreciative.  We do have a plan to get it down there if no one else takes that, so please don't feel pressured.  Just throwing out ways to be involved in the whole event.  
  • Same goes for getting the gear back on Thursday.  (We run early, clean up, and leave for Holiday World.  Last couple of years, Mr. Abel has brought all the gear back and just met us at the school when we returned)

Week 3-Making the Days Count

posted Jun 18, 2019, 12:47 PM by Micah Mobley

A lot going on this week as we start to get some more members back from their breaks and other sports.   This post has a lot of info, so I'll summarize it first then you can scroll to the part you need. 
1) Schedule for the week.  If you can't make it to our meetings, these are some things you can do to get better and move towards our goals.  
2) Reminder about the homework assignment that is due Wednesday
3) Reminder about Sonic Run on Thursday
4) Reminder about our nutrition to make the most out of our efforts

Schedule for the week:
10min wmup, 6-8x Long Grass Hills (Edgewood Drive Hills), +20 minutes
Gambetta #2 (2 sets, no rest between exercises, 1min between circuits)
Weight Room-Deadlift, 
Upper Circuit or Med Ball

FIrst workout that is based off of 2mi TT paces.
5min wmup jog, dynamic drills, form drills, 2-3 very fast strides
1K Intervals shooting for 7 at LT, with 60-90s rest.
10-20 minute warmdown jog, then AIS (ropes)

Body Core 30s
Myrtle Routine (Hip/Glute)
Team Activity with Log Book

THURSDAY:  Sonic Run
Gambetta #1 (3 sets, no rest between exercises, 1min between circuits)
LR of 5-10 miles
**2mi TT if still haven’t gotten one

Recovery Run Day
8x30s jumprope w/ strides on turf
Ultimate Frisbee

 Get miles in on own

Homework due Wednesday:
  • You will need your logbook and something to write with on Wednesday.  
  • The assignment should be done BEFORE you arrive at Griffey Lake for our meeting.  
  • Read through the first few pages of our log book.   Write down your explanation of what running means to you.  (there is a dedicated space for it in the log)
  • Also, read through the chart about Average vs. Excellence.  Really think about what that distinction is, and what it means to you.  
Sonic Run is Thursday:
Our long run for the week is scheduled for Thursday.  We will meet at our normal spot at the B-Line, but will finish our run at Sonic.  Please bring some money if you want to partake in some breakfast.  Rides should pick up at the Sonic on South Walnut, as we will not be going back to the B-Line parking lot after we are finished.  

Tomorrow's work starts with today's nutrition
"30 & 60, in 30 to 60"
  • We train to stress our systems.  Our bodies respond to those repeated stresses by adapting the body to handle those stresses.  That is how we get faster, stronger, and become overall better athletes.  
  • For the body to be able to help us repair and adapt, it needs quality nutrients.  While there are benefits to working for long enough to deplete glycogen stores during our training cycles, it is extremely important (perhaps more so) that our body have the available nutrients to fuel that adaptation and repair.
  • There is a wide body of scientific research to support the idea that you can significantly improve the quality of days following a day of stressing the system, if the nutrient intake begins pretty quickly after the workouts. 
  • 30g of protein and 60 g of carbs, within a 30-60 minute window after the workout is an optimal time where your body will absorb the highest percentage of the nutrients from the food.  And the combination of the protein to carbs in that 2:1 ratio elicits other chemical reactions that allows your body to absorb the highest percentage of nutrients from the food.  
  • Quality nutrients are necessary throughout the day, but those same nutrients are more effective to begin the repair process within about 30-60 minutes after the conclusion of a training session.  
  • I realize that this part of the announcement follows the portion about the Sonic Run, which was not planned, but an interesting coincidence.  I do not believe that you have to deprive yourself of ALL yummy foods, even those that might not be the highest quality of caloric intake.  As with most things in life, it is about striking a proper balance.  It is ok to have some rewards along the way, but it is important that we just not eat like that all or even most of the time. 

Week 2-Making The Days Count

posted Jun 9, 2019, 10:25 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Jun 11, 2019, 9:56 AM ]

If we want to maximize our opportunities to improve this season, we should understand that each day is an opportunity.  Each day we have something that we can do to make ourselves better.  We have more than just running, though that is a key piece of course.  We have our strength work and our core work.  If you were with us last week, then this schedule is what you can expect.  If this week is your first week back, then the runs and the strength work routines may be adjusted down to ease you into our progression. 

20-25min total
4-5x5 min (each progressively faster.  Start getting a feel for what a pace “feels like” (60%-70%-80%-90%-95%).  2min rest between the 5 minute sets. 
Gambetta after the first set, then hit set 2-5 keeping the “effort” pace progression. 

Gambetta #1 (4 sets, 30s rest and 1min rest) (10-5E-5E-5)
30-60 minute run in pace groups (30 for new, up to 60 for vets)


30-60 minute run in pace groups (30 for new, up to 60 for vets). Dont overdo it early, but dont short change yourself either. These early summer longer runs are a great way to start building up a base that you will be glad to have later on.

Body Core 30s
Preventive Routine (Lower Leg stability routine)
Foam Rollers and Ropes (Teaching session)

10 minute easy jog
Start w/ Hip/Glute Routine
25-40 minute run in pace groups
Gambetta #2

Gambetta #2 (2 sets)
-20x lunge step w/ twist
-20x body squat
-40x quick step up
--5x Rocket Jumps

Hip/Glute Routine
Fire Hydrants
Donkey Kicks
Donkey Whips
Bird Dogs
3-way raises
Forward Circles
Backward Circles


40-50 minute Negative Split

**2mi TT if still haven’t gotten one

Foam Rollers and rope stretches (teaching session)

Dynamic Core Routine to start
30-40 min XC Course for Time
Weight Room
6x30s jumprope with strides on grass

30minutes ultimate frisbee

Weight Room-Deadlift and HangClean

Log those miles. 
Get those bases built.  Again, it is important to get that time spent running under your belt.  It is important that new athletes are starting to build the habit of consistent mileage buildup.  For returning runners, it is important that you start this summer session applying lessons learned from prior ones, and make sure to make these days count.  

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