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A LOT in a few hours

posted Aug 17, 2016, 9:20 PM by Mustang TrackXC
OK folks, get ready!  We have a lot that just took place.  
  1. Elicia Haskett has offered to host the pasta party this week.  So tomorrow (for me writing this) but today (for you reading this) , which is Thursday the 18th (for clarification), the team can meet at their place at 6:00.
  2. At 2:30 i got word that this Saturday's  meet at Terre Haute has been cancelled.  By 7:00 I had word from four different schools that they were interested in coming to our place to race.  So we will be having a meet THIS SATURDAY ON OUR HOME COURSE!! YAY!!  So far, Martinsville, Indian Creek, Northview, Bloomington North and the BNL girls are all interested in coming.  There may be one or two more, but that is where we would cap it.  Girls will race at 9AM, with the boys race immediately after.  
  3. Thanks to some awesome help from Bart Abel in a late night course clearing session, I think we might even be able to run the re-route of the course.  Ask any of our kids which part of the course they would eliminate, I think most would say the long stretch down by the baseball fields...its the kind of stretch on a course where runners go to die!!  Ask a volunteer at our course which job they DONT want, and they would likely tell you "manning the interchange area near the finish line!"  Ask a spectator which part of the course they dont like, they might tell you "that stretch way out there...its just too far to get to!"  Or, they might say, "Bart and Ron yelling at spectators that a runner is coming through the path!" Well, this reroute will eliminate all of those things.  This is a plan that I have wanted to follow through on for a while now, and if we can do it immediately, we will.  If we can not, we will run the original layout, and it will be fine...but I hope by the Invite we definitely have the reroute in place...this meet Saturday may just accelerate that process.