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Beware of the heat...HYDRATE!

posted Sep 11, 2013, 6:15 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Sep 11, 2013, 6:35 PM ]
Despite repeated warnings and seemingly constant nagging, we still have some issues with people remembering to bring their own water bottles.  We are working too hard to be trying to do it without proper hydration.  Eventually, dehydration can set in and we may be on our way to heat exhaustion before we realize it.  

Our bodies are built to function optimally within a certain concentration of chemicals and enzymes.  When our fluid levels are off, that throws the concentration levels off, and our bodies start to react negatively.  As runners, we HAVE TO  be drinking water throughout the day (before school, during school, during practice, and after practice.)  I'm not saying we cant drink anything else, but we should be drinking way more water than other things.  Bring bottles to practice and meets to keep them filled. 

For Thursday's meet at Clay City, the bus is scheduled to leave at 4:00.  Team members will need to head home after school and be back ready leave by 4:00.  Be sure to have eaten some food and have been properly hydrated.  This is actually a good chance to start practicing the routine for a meet that occurs after school.  (Our Sectional meet later in the season is an after school event).