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Black and Red Race was a smash!

posted Aug 19, 2014, 10:17 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Aug 19, 2014, 11:44 PM ]
BIG shout out to the 2014 team.  You guys showed up ready to run, and put on a show!  There were a total of 4 people who completed their first 5K ever, which is always the first step in learning to complete it faster. (Zach Kovach, Ben Nichols, Joey Fehrenbach, and Jenni Miller).  We also had 7 runnerswho were ahead of their time from the first actual meet of 2013! (Congrats to Hank Phillips, Audrey Litten, Michael Gossett, Alex Michael, Nick Trowbridge, Emily Werner, and Kalem Tatem).  

It should be noted that this was not an event that our team was "fresh" for, by even the slightest measure.  Last Friday we had a killer 30m sprint workout, that still had kids feeling the glutes on Monday...and a tough 400m repeat workout on Monday.  The performances today were done on some sore legs for sure.  

The Red Team edged the Black team (2:30:16 to 2:35:42) led by Senior Hank Phillips in 17:03. Audrey Litten and Celine Hornick posted times to place them each in the top seven of the scoring for their squad. Nathan Weller, Tre Bower, Zach Kovach (1st 5K), and Ben Nichols (1st 5K) rounded out the scoring for the Red Team.  

 The Black Team was led by Michael Gossett, who was pushing Hank through the first half of the race, and ended up posting a time of 18:12 and good for 2nd overall.  He was followed up by Alex Michael in 19:28 (more than a full minute faster than his 1st meet of 2013).  Hannah Sears posted a time that placed 4th for her squad.  David Hardy was 3rd for his squad in his first race action in almost a year.  Nick Trowbridge (1 min ahead of 2013 first race), Joey Fehrenbach (1st 5K), and Emily Werner (2:26 ahead of 2013 first race) rounded out the scoring spots for the Black Team.

A special thank you to Mychal Doering for taking on the duties of announcing.  He did a fantastic job, kept the mood light, and did an overall fantastic job!  He was perfect for the occasion!  Coach Rosenberg also was integral behind the scenes, in helping get lights going, running the clock and helping Doering keep all the info straight, up in the sweltering press box.

All-in-all, the event was a hit.  It is something that I can see having a place in our future seasons.  Thank you to all who competed, helped run the event, and showed up to support our team.  It will surely be something this group will remember being a part of.