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Buffalo Wild Wings extension for Class Clash

posted Sep 19, 2013, 2:54 PM by Mustang TrackXC
This year's Class Clash homecoming event will be running during the time of our fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Understandably, some of our team members wanted to participate in the event.  I think it is probably a good idea for us to at least be going to our own fundraising event too though.  What I was able to get worked out with the folks at Buffalo Wild was an extension on our time the promotion will run.  The original time was from 5-9PM.  They are willing to open the promotion up at 4:00 and run it until 9:00.  What I will do is adjust our schedule for the week and have a run to do on their own after school.  It is a recovery run, which should only take about 40-45 minutes.  If they did that on their own after school, they should be able to go grab a meal there, and still be back for the class clash.  Doing the workout this way will also give them the option of running before school.  This is a case where we have multiple things we want to do, so we have to adjust some things to make it happen.  The teacher in me is always on the lookout for teachable moments, and I am simply approaching this as an opportunity to learn a lesson on time management.  

So again, WEDNESDAY the 25th.  Recovery run on their own, either before or after school.  Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser for dinner before the class clash.  

Of course, continue to spread word to everyone you know about the promotion running from 4-9, and direct them to the website or my email for a copy of the flyer.  

Thanks for all help you provide in this.