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Camp Food

posted Jul 2, 2019, 5:52 AM by Mustang TrackXC
CAMP FOOD SIGNUPClick on the link to open the document that has all of our food and meal needs listed.  If you are willing to chip in and cover portions for a day, just type your name next to the item so everyone else can see what is already being covered.  
  • I will be out of town this weekend, so I will have to check the list on Friday morning and see what still needs to be covered.  I will make a trip Friday afternoon/evening to Sam's Club to cover whatever still needed to be.  
  • When we meet on Monday morning to leave, we will get it all organized and loaded.  We have two refrigerators at the cabin, but will need a few coolers to get stuff down there.  We can grab one of the big white ones from the school if needed, but they could be replaced by more smaller ones if people want to bring those.  I will have a few myself to use for the purpose.  
  • If anyone wants to drive a truck down with the coolers and food and all that and hang out that first day, we would be appreciative.  We do have a plan to get it down there if no one else takes that, so please don't feel pressured.  Just throwing out ways to be involved in the whole event.  
  • Same goes for getting the gear back on Thursday.  (We run early, clean up, and leave for Holiday World.  Last couple of years, Mr. Abel has brought all the gear back and just met us at the school when we returned)