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Camp Food Signup

posted Jun 28, 2018, 2:58 PM by Micah Mobley
The camp Food sign up sheet is posted. This year we are doing it a little bit different than last. Rather than people contacting me and me having to update the site with the donations, I ha e posted a Google Doc that anyone can edit.  That way, when you click on the link it will open the page and you can add your own names to the list next to the food items you would be willing to contribute. 

I have already covered the cost upfront for the cabins. If you are going to make the checks to me for camp cost they will go into a separate account that is specifically for stuff like this. I will stop at the bank on the way out of town Monday the 9th and deposit those checks. If you send cash, it will be deposited in that account as well. If you make a check to EHS XC, it will go into the account at the school but our account lady is usually gone this time of year and im not totally sure when the checks would clear.