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First Pasta Dinner

posted Aug 19, 2015, 5:57 PM by Mustang TrackXC
Hi folks.  We had some confusion about the pasta dinner tomorrow, and felt I should clarify.  I live 4.75 miles from the school.  I offered to have the kids do their workout via that route, making their way out to the house...that idea was pretty soundly defeated!  Instead they wanted to do our repeat workout as normal, then just meet at 6:30 at our house for dinner.  The traditional thing has been dinner while watching a movie, so we usually figure on about 2 hours.  Of course, if you would need to pick them up before that, it is not a big deal.  

We live on Red Hill Rd. , exactly 3.5 miles off the highway (I know...I run that route a lot).  
Anyways head toward Spencer on 46, as you pass the Marathon gas station heading out of town, it is the very next road on the right (across from the Litten Estates sign). 
Stay on that road for 3.5 miles.  You will go down a steep hill, and see a blacktop drive on the right.  That is our house. The number is 8444 and is on the mailbox.  

My home phone is 876-1020.  I can usually get texts at the house, but maybe not calls on the cell, so I thought you should have that in case you needed to get in touch with us.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Thanks a bunch!