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Fundraiser Dates

posted Jun 16, 2013, 8:54 PM by Mustang TrackXC
Mark your calendars for June 29th and July 13th!!

Our team is going to be larger this year, which means our costs will also increase.  We need to make sure we are all on board with the fundraisers we have planned to be able to subsidize camp costs, nutritional supplements that we will be getting into once our workouts pick up in intensity, and team gear.  

Saturday June 29th 10AM-4PM @ Ellettsville IGA.  We will do our grill-out fundraiser once again.  Tony and the folks at IGA have been great with helping us over the past two years, by offering their store for our fundraiser, and we are glad to have them on board with us again.  

Saturday July 13th 9AM-3PM @ Ellettsville True Value.  We will do a car wash and a grill out.  This is our first year working with them and they have offered to help us out by promoting the fundraiser for the couple of weeks prior, as well as getting it up on their sign.  This will be a cool thing that people can come get their cars cleaned and grab a delicious lunch while they wait.  

So what do WE have to do?
First, talk about it a lot to anyone that will listen!! Get on facebook.  Get on Twitter.  Get the word out.  

Second, (this is the easy one) show up ready to go.  Dress appropriately.  For car wash day, remember it is still a school function, so our attire should be appropriate.  The Speedo is for swim season Gossett!! :)

Third, be friendly and do quality work.  We will offer car wash, as well as vacuuming.  Do a good job and people will be more likely to chip in well.  

For all our services we will be taking donations.  We will not set a price list, so people will be free to donate what they are moved to do.  If they ask what it is for, be sure to tell them all the stuff you will be doing with the money.  Team camp.  Nutritional aids.  Team outfits. etc.

Stay tuned... more info will be posted for each one as the respective days near.