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Instructions for OV meet

posted Sep 23, 2013, 5:31 PM by Mustang TrackXC
The bus will not be ready to leave until 4:00, and again, rather than have kids sitting around here for that whole time, we will just plan on meeting back at the athletic doors by 4:00 to load the bus at that time.  The boys should all be wearing the original uniforms (black w/ white lettering) for this meet.  

Thank you for the chocolate milk donations!  The kids are totally in the routine of that, and it is a small step that can have a positive impact on our overall health.  Unfortunately, the refrigerator that we use got accidentally unplugged over the weekend, so the milk that was there is no longer usable.  The problem is that there was new milk added to the collection before I knew the other stuff needed pitches and I dont know what is good or not.   I know that the "True Moo" milk was dropped off today by Jim Hornick, so I know it is safe.  There were four jugs of "Kroger" brand Chocolate milk.  Two had use by dates of Sep.29 and two had dates of Oct.10th.  If you dropped some off today and know which ones were yours, please shoot me an email or text so I can keep the new ones, but get rid of the old ones.  

Wednesday is the Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser.  Kids will be getting a few flyers tomorrow to hand out at school, but we can always direct people to the link from our team documents page or they can email me and i will send them the flyer.  Eat dinner, present the flyer, and we get 10% of their bill.  Since the class clash is going on, we will not be going over as a team on the bus or anything, but I think a number were going to head over after school.  All the kids have the workouts already.  I will be coming in before school, and it would be my preference to have them in at that point, so it is taken care of. However, if they would prefer to do it on their own after school, that is fine too.  It will just be harder to do that.

Wednesday at 6:30 at the Indiana Running Company they are hosting a discussion forum at their new Renwick Village location at 1567 S. Piazza Dr. Bloomington, IN 47401, OUTSIDE in the courtyard.  The forum panel consists of three of Indiana's finest distance runners: Andy Bayer, Zach Mayhew, and De'Sean Turner.  All three have had a lot of success at a high collegiate level and are also working themselves into the potential Olympian category.  This is a truly a unique opportunity to hear and speak with runners who do it at the highest level.  Anyone interested in going is more than welcome, including parents, and if I need to provide rides for a few, I am willing to do so.  Just let me know.