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Lots of stuff here!

posted Jul 21, 2018, 2:28 PM by Mustang TrackXC
Been a while since we have had a full slate of announcements, but the post camp week kinda caught up with me and here we go...i apologize for the length, but there is a lot of info to get out at the moment.  

1) Thank you to all the parents and athletes for coming together to make the camp one of the most successful we have had in my time around this program.  Kids were working hard and developing the team chemistry that is important for us to accomplish as much as I believe this group can. 

2) The summer schedule page was actually based on last years dates (my fault). Originally the Summer Running page indicated that this coming week we would begin practicing in the afternoon.  That was incorrect.  The actual plan for 2018 is to continue our morning practice for the upcoming week (23rd through 27th).  Then on the 30th, we will begin meeting at 3PM at the high school.  While I absolutely love getting the chance to work while it is cooler in the mornings, we will use the week before school begins as a way to allow our bodies a chance to adapt to working at 3PM, since that is when we will be running once the school year begins. 

3) September 2nd is the Mustang Mini!  We will need all available hands on deck. This is our primary (last year our ONLY) fundraiser.  Because of this event we were able to provide team logs, will provide team shirts, and were able to keep the camp cost relatively low for a four day trip.  We have grown the event for the past few years, and we hope to see it continue in 2018.  There will be plenty of work to be done.  In general, most kids end up manning a water table, or working at the finish line.  I am actually also going to begin a search for a primary sponsor on Monday morning, so if anyone knows of a business that would like to donate to the cause, in exchange for their name and logo plastered on the website, flyers, shirt and at the event, please forward them on to me.  

4) That being said, we may have the opportunity to pad our coffers a little bit, by working the Snow Cone stand at the four home football games this coming season.  We would need at least four people per night, and we would need to work through the 3rd quarter.   A portion of those proceeds that day would go to us, but we would also have the opportunity to then use the stand at our home cross country meets, and net the all of the profit.  If we could get our parents to cover the junior high meets and then they could cover ours, it would be the ideal situation.  Once I have the full schedules for all of those events, I will have a sign up sheet for that. 

5) I have already started fielding some questions about our traditional weekly pasta dinners.  Here is a link to a sign up sheet that we can use for this purpose.  It seemed to work well doing the camp food signup this way, so we can roll with what we know here.  Feel free to 

6) Lastly, thank you parents for your support in getting your kids to the different locations this summer.  The mileage is up from 2017 as a whole, and I really believe that having the chance to do these runs on the different trails we have gotten the chance to work on has helped make that experience more beneficial physically and mentally.  It really sets us up well for the upcoming season, and makes running from the school most days during the school year more tolerable.