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Monday July 17th Updates

posted Jul 17, 2017, 12:44 PM by Mustang TrackXC
What an awesome time we had last week at camp.  We had 16 athletes participate, which is our largest camp in my time as coach.  The camaraderie that was on display made me feel really good about the team chemistry.  That and the results that showed up in the workouts gave me reason to be  optimistic about the things that this team can do.   Thank you to all the help from parents and our coaching staff, to make it happen!  From the donations, to the getting kids rides, to making sure they had gear, and coming down and preparing food...all of that was necessary to pull off such a fun and productive week.  

Boys & Girls Club:  There is NO BGCE running club this week.  They have another mini-camp going on during that time and they thought it would be better if we just let them do that, and then resumed next week at our normal time.

Tuesday: We meet at 7:30 at McCormick's Creek.  Please be there on time (early??)  We are actually going to meet at our normal spot, then drive up to the Canyon Inn to do a workout with Coach Bill Craig's new team (Noblesville girls).  They are on their team camp at McCormick's Creek and they asked if we wanted to join them for this workout.  

Wednesday:  We will not practice at Griffey this day.  Instead we will meet at 3:00 PM at the Shelter House on our course, to do a speed workout with the Noblesville Millers.  They were interested in seeing our course, and since they are on their team camp I thought it would be better for us to adjust our schedule a bit, since i know how tightly planned that all has to be.

Thursday:  We will meet at our normal spot at the B-Line at 7:30.  

Friday:  We will not practice at the school.  However, I will be going to Terre Haute for a coaching clinic, and they also have a runner's clinic.  I have had a few athletes express interest in going.  Here is a link that has the info.
It is $15 per athlete, which includes their shirt and lunch.  They will get a chance to do a workout on the state course and will have guest speakers all day.  Please check the schedule and let me know if you would like to attend.  We could caravan over, or get a mini bus if we need to do that because of large numbers.  Registration/Check-In is at 8:30, so we would need to leave the school no later than 7:30.  We could still meet there as a group, and then the folks who are not going could still do their workout together, and those that are going could hit the road. 

I am trying to be more on top of Facebook and Twitter updates this season (I got a newer phone that actually makes it easier).  Spreading word of these kids' efforts via those forums is a big help to promote the program.