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Monday Meeting Cancelled (Storms)

posted Jun 11, 2018, 3:17 AM by Micah Mobley
We can run in the rain, but we can't if there is lightning and thunder.  Today's plan was to just have a strength day.  Doing this run on your own when you get a break in the weather will keep you on schedule.   I hope the weather cooperates and we can meet tomorrow at McCormick's Creek.  All athletes please take a photo of your log books from weeks 1-2 and send those to me via text, GroupMe, or email. 

10min wmup;  light stretch; 6x Hills (comparable to Edgewood Dr.); 10 minutes run; Gambetta leg circuit; 10 minute run; foam roll/rope stretch

***For the hill, think about the main road coming up from the 46 to the high school.  We want something that is fairly steep (but not Chandler Drive steep).  Long enough that it takes you about 30-60 seconds to make it up.  Easy jog back down and do it again.  

***During the hill run, focus on "being tall" and getting good "Knee, heel, toe up"

***For the 10 minute run segments, dont worry about pace, but try to focus on that same "knee, heel, toe" action and "run light"

***DO A  GOOD STRETCH AFTER...spend a good 15-20 minutes of actual stretching.