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Mustang Invite and Mustang Mini Help

posted Aug 26, 2018, 8:25 PM by Micah Mobley
I am not the best at delegating and/or asking for help, but I will put this all out there and we can figure out where people would want to jump in and help.

The actual course is in good shape for both events.  It has been mowed, trimmed, and is scheduled to have lines painted by Mr. Hammett on Monday.

MUSTANG INVITE (Tuesday, August 28th)
  • I am handling the race entry before the meet.  There are two people coming to run the timing equipment the day of the race, but I will kinda be "on call" if there is a need for me.  
  • We could always use extra hands at the finish line to 1) write bib numbers down; 2) keep athletes sorted  and moving through the chute when they finish; and 3) tear bib tags and put them on the stringer;
  • Our coaching staff and manager are all aware of their role to help get kids to the line, get splits etc.
  • Melinda and Elicia are going to oversee the concessions and T-shirt sales, but they will need some help there. 

MUSTANG MINI (Sunday September 2nd)

  • Saturday afternoon/evening I will be going around setting out the signs and marking the course.  That entails setting signs at the turns, painting arrows on the ground at turns on trails, and "roping" the turns off with teflon tape. 
  • This is also when we gather all the tables and water coolers and cups, and go drop them off at the locations.  That way, in the morning we just have to drive around and set them up.  
  • We could use some trash cans for the water tables.  Kids did a good job picking up the areas last year, but sometimes runners feel better having a target to at least toss their cup near as they run by. 
  • We could use some doorprizes.  What I have done for the race winner was a free entry for the following year, and a half-off for 2nd place.  But it would be good to start having some gift certificates and stuff like that to start giving out.  If anyone has some good contacts there, or even wants to offer your own goods there, I'm open to ideas.  If there are any contacts you all have with local businesses that would like to chip in with some stuff like that, then we could figure out what makes sense to divide it up.  Like 5K winner, Mini Winner, etc.  
  • We will likely not have age group awards, since there is likely to be a very spread out field.  I had thought of getting rid of the 3K for that reason, but I am still holding onto it because if the race continues to grow, I think that can be an attractive feature. 


The athletes will be the main ones out along the course for the water tables.  Participants have commented on that aspect of it as a positive of the race. We started doing it since this is a fundraiser for them, it is good for them to be around the course to support the participants. 

So I guess outside of the items on the volunteer form, lining up some door prizes and awards really seems like the most helpful things that could be done.  

If you all have suggestions, I'm open to it.