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Notes for the week

posted Sep 14, 2015, 8:47 AM by Mustang TrackXC
Hi Gang, 

We have a big meet coming up this Saturday at Crawford County.  It is an absolutely beautiful course, and is a pretty neat meet.  The races are split up a little differently than normal.  They run Freshman/Sophomores in one race, and Junior/Seniors in another.   They will take the overall combined times of the five fastest from each team (regardless of which race they are in), and combine it for the team positions.  I have attached a flyer with all information we have. 

 With the Fall Festival parade taking place out of the high school parking lot, we will not be able to meet there to leave.  As we usually do at this meet, we will meet in the IGA parking lot at 6:45.  The first race is at 10:00 and it takes at least 90 minutes to get down there, so we need to be able to leave with a little bit of room for traffic and such.   I have attached the flyer that has all of the information for this race. 

We are into a tough part of the season, and it looks like we have a few kids who would benefit from some cross training to maintain and keep developing fitness, while saving some pounding on the legs.  Right now we have three who have brought in bikes, and we can get in the pool pretty much any day.  Please make sure that bikers have helmets and that all kids have pool gear every day this week.  Also please help my in emphasizing the importance of hydration, nutrition, and flexibility.  Falling short in any of those three areas is going to have a negative impact on the health of our athletes and on their performance as well.  

Please make sure that our athletes are in good running shoes.  We have had a few injury type things pop up lately, that might be aggravated by running in worn out shoes.  Runners with really efficient and light strides MAY be able to get 500 miles or so out of a pair of shoes, but most of our group is probably going to be better served by looking at a new pair around the 300 mile mark.  It never hurts to get a pair too early, and rotate through shoes for a few weeks.  Each pair is going to be a little bit different in how it supports their foot, so they can actually develop some good strength by alternating between two or even three different pairs.  

Mustang TrackXC,
Sep 14, 2015, 8:47 AM