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Schedule for the rest of week 10

posted Aug 1, 2013, 7:22 AM by Mustang TrackXC
Mileage Targets to hit. 
Group A=50+; 
Groub B=41-48; 
Group C=35-40; 
Group D=30-35; 
Group E=25+
Use maintenance Miles, long runs, and recovery runs as main way to build miles.  Warmups and cooldowns figure in there as well.

Wmup, 12xflying 30m sprints.  Preventive routine, Core (Static or Dynamic), cooldown.  Elevate legs.

FRIDAY: Recovery Run 3-7miles, depending on training group.  Good stretch.

SATURDAY: 8x400m on grass.  Rest time is one-half work time.  (If you want to get together for this one, it is probably helpful to have teammates.)

SUNDAY:  Rest or Maintenance Miles: 3-7, depending on training group.  Just keep in mind what mileage goals were for the week.