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Some week 3 Random notes

posted Jun 18, 2015, 9:06 PM by Mustang TrackXC
  1. We will be glad to start seeing some more people coming back in week 4.  We have a mandatory 2-3 week regeneration period after track season, and some people have been with family.  It will be nice to start seeing the numbers increase this next week so we can begin setting the stage for our season. 
  2. Find the joy in running.  We will get to the point where we start getting targets and all that.  But this is just as important a period for us, as we are getting into the swing of things and reconnecting with what it means to be a runner.  
  3. Log all miles.  Record TIME and DISTANCES.  I want accurate data so we can build a schedule that will bring you along at the proper rate. Use the generic log sheet in the Team Documents page for now.  It has space for a few weeks worth of workouts.  Once log books are done, we will transfer it all over.  
  4. There was a hang up on the log books. We are waiting on some of the materials needed to process the order (there was a multi-thousand item order placed just ahead of us, and we are after that one is done.  I have been told it will be Monday or Tuesday to have them completed.  The cost is covered for returning team members. (Nathan, Alex, Zach K, Ben,  Celine, Audrey, Claire, Emily, Jenni)   New members, including Freshmen will have to buy one for $10.  We will be using them daily, and all team members are required to have one with them at each practice. 
  5. Please, please PLEASE get a stopwatch.  We need to do a better job this year at being more aware of your own runs, and that includes knowing your splits on workouts and in races.  We are not there yet, but will need to be accustomed to it in a few short weeks.  Phone apps are fine for most training runs (I recommend Strava but there are others that work too), but we need watches for races.