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Week 2-Making The Days Count

posted Jun 9, 2019, 10:25 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Jun 11, 2019, 9:56 AM ]
If we want to maximize our opportunities to improve this season, we should understand that each day is an opportunity.  Each day we have something that we can do to make ourselves better.  We have more than just running, though that is a key piece of course.  We have our strength work and our core work.  If you were with us last week, then this schedule is what you can expect.  If this week is your first week back, then the runs and the strength work routines may be adjusted down to ease you into our progression. 

20-25min total
4-5x5 min (each progressively faster.  Start getting a feel for what a pace “feels like” (60%-70%-80%-90%-95%).  2min rest between the 5 minute sets. 
Gambetta after the first set, then hit set 2-5 keeping the “effort” pace progression. 

Gambetta #1 (4 sets, 30s rest and 1min rest) (10-5E-5E-5)
30-60 minute run in pace groups (30 for new, up to 60 for vets)


30-60 minute run in pace groups (30 for new, up to 60 for vets). Dont overdo it early, but dont short change yourself either. These early summer longer runs are a great way to start building up a base that you will be glad to have later on.

Body Core 30s
Preventive Routine (Lower Leg stability routine)
Foam Rollers and Ropes (Teaching session)

10 minute easy jog
Start w/ Hip/Glute Routine
25-40 minute run in pace groups
Gambetta #2

Gambetta #2 (2 sets)
-20x lunge step w/ twist
-20x body squat
-40x quick step up
--5x Rocket Jumps

Hip/Glute Routine
Fire Hydrants
Donkey Kicks
Donkey Whips
Bird Dogs
3-way raises
Forward Circles
Backward Circles


40-50 minute Negative Split

**2mi TT if still haven’t gotten one

Foam Rollers and rope stretches (teaching session)

Dynamic Core Routine to start
30-40 min XC Course for Time
Weight Room
6x30s jumprope with strides on grass

30minutes ultimate frisbee

Weight Room-Deadlift and HangClean

Log those miles. 
Get those bases built.  Again, it is important to get that time spent running under your belt.  It is important that new athletes are starting to build the habit of consistent mileage buildup.  For returning runners, it is important that you start this summer session applying lessons learned from prior ones, and make sure to make these days count.