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Week 3-Making the Days Count

posted Jun 18, 2019, 12:47 PM by Micah Mobley
A lot going on this week as we start to get some more members back from their breaks and other sports.   This post has a lot of info, so I'll summarize it first then you can scroll to the part you need. 
1) Schedule for the week.  If you can't make it to our meetings, these are some things you can do to get better and move towards our goals.  
2) Reminder about the homework assignment that is due Wednesday
3) Reminder about Sonic Run on Thursday
4) Reminder about our nutrition to make the most out of our efforts

Schedule for the week:
10min wmup, 6-8x Long Grass Hills (Edgewood Drive Hills), +20 minutes
Gambetta #2 (2 sets, no rest between exercises, 1min between circuits)
Weight Room-Deadlift, 
Upper Circuit or Med Ball

FIrst workout that is based off of 2mi TT paces.
5min wmup jog, dynamic drills, form drills, 2-3 very fast strides
1K Intervals shooting for 7 at LT, with 60-90s rest.
10-20 minute warmdown jog, then AIS (ropes)

Body Core 30s
Myrtle Routine (Hip/Glute)
Team Activity with Log Book

THURSDAY:  Sonic Run
Gambetta #1 (3 sets, no rest between exercises, 1min between circuits)
LR of 5-10 miles
**2mi TT if still haven’t gotten one

Recovery Run Day
8x30s jumprope w/ strides on turf
Ultimate Frisbee

 Get miles in on own

Homework due Wednesday:
  • You will need your logbook and something to write with on Wednesday.  
  • The assignment should be done BEFORE you arrive at Griffey Lake for our meeting.  
  • Read through the first few pages of our log book.   Write down your explanation of what running means to you.  (there is a dedicated space for it in the log)
  • Also, read through the chart about Average vs. Excellence.  Really think about what that distinction is, and what it means to you.  
Sonic Run is Thursday:
Our long run for the week is scheduled for Thursday.  We will meet at our normal spot at the B-Line, but will finish our run at Sonic.  Please bring some money if you want to partake in some breakfast.  Rides should pick up at the Sonic on South Walnut, as we will not be going back to the B-Line parking lot after we are finished.  

Tomorrow's work starts with today's nutrition
"30 & 60, in 30 to 60"
  • We train to stress our systems.  Our bodies respond to those repeated stresses by adapting the body to handle those stresses.  That is how we get faster, stronger, and become overall better athletes.  
  • For the body to be able to help us repair and adapt, it needs quality nutrients.  While there are benefits to working for long enough to deplete glycogen stores during our training cycles, it is extremely important (perhaps more so) that our body have the available nutrients to fuel that adaptation and repair.
  • There is a wide body of scientific research to support the idea that you can significantly improve the quality of days following a day of stressing the system, if the nutrient intake begins pretty quickly after the workouts. 
  • 30g of protein and 60 g of carbs, within a 30-60 minute window after the workout is an optimal time where your body will absorb the highest percentage of the nutrients from the food.  And the combination of the protein to carbs in that 2:1 ratio elicits other chemical reactions that allows your body to absorb the highest percentage of nutrients from the food.  
  • Quality nutrients are necessary throughout the day, but those same nutrients are more effective to begin the repair process within about 30-60 minutes after the conclusion of a training session.  
  • I realize that this part of the announcement follows the portion about the Sonic Run, which was not planned, but an interesting coincidence.  I do not believe that you have to deprive yourself of ALL yummy foods, even those that might not be the highest quality of caloric intake.  As with most things in life, it is about striking a proper balance.  It is ok to have some rewards along the way, but it is important that we just not eat like that all or even most of the time.