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Week 4 Workouts

posted Jun 19, 2017, 9:26 PM by Micah Mobley
Monday:  40-45min run, Upper Weight circuits (Do Big Ten if no weights available), stretch

Tuesday: 20min wmup + Dynamics; 3-4x 1K repeats (If you dont have a way to measure that out, do 3-4 x 4 minute pushes.  Do them as fast as you can hold for four minutes.  Take a 2 min rest then repeat), Gambetta Legs x2, Body Core (30s) x2, 20 minute cooldown jog and stretch/foam roll

Wednesday: Recovery Run day-30-45 minute run, 8x strides (focus on form...knee, heel, toe up, step over and drive down), Preventive Routine

Thursday:  Long Run Day-45-60 minutes...just add 10 minutes to your previous longest run.,  Do a set of strides and a good stretch after.

Friday:  30 minute run, picking up the pace as you go.  The last 5-10 should be pretty quick and be light on your feet.  Focus on form.  Dynamic Core x2, Gambetta Legs x2,

Weekend Miles:  Just do 30 minute or longer runs, and use the days to get you at or above your weekly mileage goals.