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Week 6 Recommended Workouts

posted Jul 5, 2016, 8:25 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Jul 5, 2016, 8:41 PM ]
If you have been running this summer so far, we want to start paying a little closer attention to the mileage numbers, since we want to see those start climbing.  Top group should be around 40-50miles, while newer runners should still be in the 20-30 range.  Even some of the experienced runners, who are coming out of other stuff like basketball and all that, might be around 30-40, but only if they have been logging some decent mileage the past couple of weeks.   

Take a look at the Weekly Mileage chart...there are a lot of gaps there, where folks have either not been running, or have not been turning in their logs for mileage checks.  Either one is concerning.  We need to be consistent with what we are doing.  We are now five weeks in, and just 13 away from WIC.  







40-50min (3-5miles) at conversation pace.

Gambettas x2

Dynamic Core

Elevate Legs



Hill Day

2mi wmup w/ dynamics and strides.  Very fast strides

7x200m Hill (Edgewood Drive is a good example.  Doesnt have to be there, just something similar in incline and distance)

25-30 min run after (3mi)

10x strides, barefoot on grass

Long stretch



40-50 min run (5miles)

Body Core

Long stretch



VO2 day: Today depends on what you have done already.  

If you have not done a 2mi. Time Trial yet, you will today.  Establish new training marks for camp.  

If you have already done one, you will do 3x1mile AT THAT 2mi pace.  Do not run this too fast.  Do it AT THE 2mi pace.  Learn to control your pace.

 Both include a 2mi wmup and 2mi cooldown.

Elevat Legs



40-50min (4-5miles) at conversation pace.

 Play some ultimate frisbee or soccer after the run, instead of strides.  Enjoy each other’s company.

Body Core (yes, body core a second time…we really need to work on this)



3-5 mi PPM.  or find a 5K to enter

For the PPM, it should be 3-5 miles at threshold pace (Chart for paces is here.  The LT runs should be at 85% of your VO2 max pace). Find your 2mi time, then go over to the 85% column, that should be your target pace for LT runs.  New runners should shoot for 3miles, veterans should shoot for 5.  

25-30 min run after (3mi)

Big Ten



Long Run Day: 60-75 minutes (5-9miles), plus 8 strides after (focusing on form)