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Week 7-Build on Camp Week

posted Jul 14, 2019, 7:48 AM by Mustang TrackXC
Remember the individual discussions from camp, during out log review meetings.  Some people need to be going up in miles and some are actually coming down a bit this week.  
We also have a lot of folks who are going to be gone for various things throughout the week.  

Each day I am giving you a range of times/distances with the things we are doing.  Make sure to adjust it according to your plan.  Plan out your mileage for the week in your log books, and then have them ready to hold yourself accountable to.  

Monday: 350/50s on the course.  15-20x, very relaxed 350 and then a 50m buildup to max speed.  This should have a warmup and cooldown of 1.5-2mi each.  Gambetta #1 and Deadlift will also be on our plate. 

Tuesday:30-50 minute run 
Myrtle Routine
Lunge Progression
Body Core
10x100 fast-form strides

20-40 minute run
Big Ten
10x100 fast-form strides

Thursday:  4-5x 1mi repeats at 2mi TT pace.  Run time=rest time.  1.5-2mi for wmup and cooldn

Friday: 30-60 minute , Good ropes and rollers session

Weekend: LR of 7-10 and whatever else you need to get to your mileage goals.