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Week 7 Updates

posted Jul 12, 2015, 10:34 PM by Mustang TrackXC
Few items to get out there.

1) The Low Gap Challenge is this Tuesday at 7PM at Morgan-Monroe Forest.   This is an event that the Martinsville boys and girls teams do every year.  They meet at 6:30 PM for a 9+ mile loop through some trails in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.  Their coaches flag the course and have water stops along the way. Coach Wagner trails behind the group to assure that all runners are safe.  Fruit, gatorade and snacks are provided at the finish. Coach Carl Wagner has invited us to join them in this event, and I would like to see a good representation there. Parents, just so you know, Coach Wagner is a man I hold in the highest regard.  He was close friends with my former high school coach, Steve Hewitt.  The company you keep is a reflection of who you are, and this is certainly true with Coach Wagner.  He puts on these events for his own team, and is very careful in his planning to make sure it is as safe as can possibly be.  I would not be offering this if I did not believe it was something that our kids could take on as a challenge.  If we can get a good group to commit, I would not be at the Tuesday morning practice, which would be my preference.  I would also adjust their workouts to make sure this challenge would safely fit in our training cycles. 

2) Since all athletes have a smartphone and/or GPS watch, I would like for all athletes to get on and create an account.  The app is free and is available on iphone and android devices, as is the use of the site.  I have created a Club on Strava called Mustang Distance.  All team members should join this club.  More details will come as they get on the site, but this will be a good tool for us moving forward.  If you are concerned about privacy, you can go to Profile and Settings and adjust the privacy settings so that only certain people can see your profile.

3) Mileages should be getting greater and more consistent now that we are 7 weeks into our training.  Camp was a great boost for the mileages for most of the group, and it is important that we now follow that up with a good week.