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Week 8-Make the days count

posted Jul 21, 2019, 10:53 PM by Mustang TrackXC
This week we are going to be getting a little more back in the swing of things.  We get some more people back from vacations and we have some who were on a lower mileage week last week, getting back on their next buildup.
The workouts start building some volume a bit, and we introduce some new elements into the training.  Each thing planned for the week will challenge us in ways that will make us better IF we can approach each part of it the right way.  Let's challenge one another to make the most of our opportunities! 

50 min in groups. (~7mi for top group, ~5mi for back group) Conversational Pace (tempo will be tomorrow)
Gambetta #1 (3 sets, 0s, 1min) (20-10E-10E-10)
Jumprope Strides

3-4x trail 9 tempo (~1.25mi each, on short rest of about 60-90s)
Body Core

4x10 min segments, w/ Gambetta #2 after each segment. (Sub High Knee toe taps on a log or something for the quick step up)
Gambetta #2 (3 sets)
-20x lunge step w/ twist
-20x body squat
-40x quick step up
--5x Rocket Jumps

30-45 min Maint/ Recovery, plus strides
Dynamic Core
Whole team foam roller and rope session 

3x3x300m reps on XC course. 60 seconds between reps. 4min between sets

30-45 min Maint
Off or CT