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Workout for Tuesday

posted Jun 18, 2013, 5:08 AM by Mustang TrackXC
Man, I hate to cancel a practice.  When I woke up it was storming pretty bad here at the house.  But as soon as I started sending the word out, the rain let up. (Go figure!)  Anyways, we had a pretty important workout scheduled for today.  Those on a 5 day a week plan could have pushed everything back one day, and run on Saturday, but doing so would throw the schedule off for those running 6 or 7 days a week right now.  What we need to do instead is to do the following workout on your own, sometime today.   Total mileage should fall between 5 and 8 miles, depending on which training group you have started to settle in. 

Warmup (1.5 miles for D, E groups;  2mi for A, B, C groups)

Do Dynamic warmup drills

Do 8x 50m strides

4-8 x 800m (1/2 mi) at "Threshold Pace" (I am attaching a document that will walk you through how to determine what that pace should be.)
Each repetition should be followed by a 3:00 rest. 
Groups D and E (newbies and most of the girls) should do at least 4.  Would like to see 5 if your times on each rep are consistent 
Groups B and C (Harrison, Nick, Alex, Hannah, etc.) should do at least 5.  Would like to see 7 if times are consistent
Group A Should do at least 6.  Would like to see 8 if times are consistent.

Do the dynamic core routine 2x

Cooldown (1.5 miles; 2mi for A, B, C groups)

Do the rope stretches and the foot massages we did yesterday.  The only difference is that I would like for you to spend about 20 minutes doing the stretches and massages today.  (We were kinda rushed yesterday since we were running behind schedule.)

Please call me if you have any questions about your workout.  Be sure to write down your times and your feeling about the quality of your workout in your logs.  I will be eager to hear how it all goes for you!

Mustang TrackXC,
Jun 18, 2013, 5:08 AM