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Race Day

Thank you all for supporting the EHS XC teams by registering for the 2018 Mustang Mini.  There have been hundreds of man hours spent to ensure that our event is one you will all find to be a fun and safe race experience.  We believe the unique nature of our course is one that will provide some variety in your running/walking race.  About 4-5 miles of the mini is on well maintained trail, and the rest is on some fairly flat county roads.  The 3K and 5K are all entirely on our beautiful cross country course.  We truly hope you enjoy the experience, and again, we thank you for joining us.  

To make race day a little smoother, please note the following items:

  • Start time for 3K, 5K and Mini is 8:00 AM.  
  • Start time for Kids & Family Fun Run is 8:45
  • Walkers/Runners who requested the early 7:00 AM start time should report to the registration area by 6:30 for instructions.
  • All races will be along the same route for the first 1.5 miles.  At that point, the mini will veer off and head out for more mileage.  The 3K will head to the finish.  The 5K will do a second loop along the cross country course then finish. 

  • Race day registration and Bib pickup will open at 6AM on Sunday morning.
  • The shelter house near the finish line will be the pickup and registration center.
  • Day of registration is $20 for all 3K/5K participants, and $50 for all mini participants.
  • Day of registration will close at 7:40, so we can finalize entries and start the race.
  • As noted in the registration, performance shirts are only guaranteed for entrants who registered prior to the August 21st deadline.  We did not get many extras, since we have been burned by that in the past.  This is a fundraiser for our cross country team as well and since we will be donating some of the proceeds to the BGCE, we did not want to be left with a bunch of extras after the race.  

  • Restrooms are located at the finish line area ( port-a-pottys) with an additional, single stall full restroom in a nearby building next to the tennis courts.  
  • There is also a public restroom along the route, in Flatwoods park, shortly after the 9 mile marker along the mini route.

  • 8 Water stations will be placed at/about the following distances:  1.6;  2.7;  4.25;   5.25;  6.3;  9.5;  10.5; 11.5
  • The 4.25,  5.25,  9.5, and 10.5 water tables will also be mist tents this year.
  • Energy gels are NOT provided.  Please pack your own if you would like them during the race.

  • Top overall male and female runners in each race will receive awards.
  • Male and female age group winners of each race will also receive recognition and possibly awards.

  • Though the trail portions are well maintained, it is still a trail.  Please be aware for roots, rocks, dips, etc that are a natural part of off-road running.  
  • On the road portions of the mini, please stay to the left (facing traffic).  There is only one stretch of road that might have decent traffic.  It is a one mile stretch on Reeves Rd., which comes at miles 3-4 on the way out,  and 12-12.75 on the way back.  The time and day of the race really minimizes that, but still, please stay alert and safe on the route.
  • Mile markers are placed at each mile of the mini marathon route.  The 3K and 5K cross country course is marked at each Kilometer.
ON XC COURSE (3K, 5K, and first part of Mini route):
  • Stay between the double painted lines.  Painted 4x4 posts mark the entire route as well.  Red and Yellow indicate turns.  Stay left of red.  Stay right of yellow.  Go straight past blue.  
ON OTHER TRAIL PORTIONS: (Trails around EHS and Flatwoods Park)
  • All turns and trail crossings will be marked with painted arrows on the ground.  Some signs will be placed at certain spots, and teflon tape will be present at locations where there is a turn on the trails. 
ON ROAD PORTIONS: (Mile 3-6.5, and 9.5-13)
  • All turns are marked with signage.  They are 16”x24” white signs with bright red arrows.  
  • They will all be placed along left side of the road, so you will see them as you run against traffic flow.

  • Volunteers at the water stops will have cell phones and can contact the race officials in the event of an emergency.  
  • There will also be a race vehicle driving the road, should you need it.  
  • All volunteers and participants can reach me on my cell phone should you need it (812) 340-2222.

This is the fourth year that we have offered a  mini marathon in our schedule, and we took great care to include suggestions from previous years' participants.  As an avid runner myself, I have meticulously planned the entire route.  Even the timing of our race was on purpose.  We hope it is a good training run for the many of you who (like me) are preparing for the Monumental Marathon in November.  That all being said, we envision that this event can become a really good draw for folks in future years, and I appreciate any feedback from participants and volunteers, to help make it better for next year…I have already started my list of improvements for next year!  Please do not hesitate to email me with suggestions on any aspect of the whole race experience from registration and website setup down to awards.  We want to make this a truly special and unique event that people will want to be a part of for years to come.  

Again, my sincere thanks,
Micah Mobley

Micah Mobley,
Mar 19, 2017, 8:30 PM