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'19 Team

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Early Bird Meet @ Terre Haute

7-2 (.778)

7-1 (.875)

Boys: The boys placed 3rd out of 10 teams. Preseason ranking would have put them 6th out of the 10 teams. Liam was out due to the SAT, but the boys had a strong overall performance. The team had groups with target paces to hit for the first 2k of the race and the groups continued to battle hard within themselves and with the rest of the field after that mark. This meet was cancelled last year, so times and places are difficult to compare, but the finishing spread from positions 1-6 was only 58 seconds. Leading that tight pack for us today was Junior Elliott Gough, who was our number 1 runner for the first time in his career.  It is a positive sign to see that from him, because we expect to see guys shuffling around those spots all through the lineup, and he showed that just might be the case. As a whole they are significantly ahead of where they were at this point last season and are not far behind teams that they will need to beat later in the season to advance to semi state as a team.

Girls: The girls placed 2nd out of 9 teams. The girls too were given target paces for the first 2k to help them stay controlled in the first race of the season. Annalyssa beat the field by over a minute. Ella and Clara had the 5th and 8th best freshman performances of the first 2 weeks of meets according to inccstats. Emma went out more controlled than Ella and Clara and ended up running faster every K that the race went on. Claire also got faster as the race went on and ended with about the same time as her first meet last year.

Danville Hokem Karem

14-7 (.666)

26-1 (.963)

Boys: A solid effort by the boys overall. Top 2 pairs were close to each other and ended slightly ahead of where they started the race. Elliott and Zay finished 16th, Rhys and Liam 18th, Landon and Elijah 34th, Anthony and Anthony 41st, and Dylan and Ty were 66th out of 71 pairs. As a team they finished 6th out of 13 teams. The emphasis for the boys moving forward should be “run like you belong.” They tend to go out too conservative, leading to times that aren’t as good as they could be. All competed hard though and responded well to challenges throughout the race.

Girls: The girls finished first as a team led by Annalyssa and Ella in first, followed by Emma and Clara in 4th, and Claire and Olivia in 7th. The course was pretty torn up by the time the girls ran and this along with the change in course contributed to slower times overall than previous years. However the girls competed hard from the start. Olivia in particular had her most competitive race of the last year. The girls as a whole ran confidently and showed that they are capable of competing with anyone on the right day.

Mustang Invitational

26-7 (.788)

36-1 (.973)

Boys and Girls Sweep The Team Titles!

Boys had not won this meet since 2014, and after finishing 4th the past few years, this was a big boost for our guys to bring the trophy back home.  In a competitive race, the boys were able to overcome a strong Bloomfield team who placed four in the top 15, by going 6-9-16-21-28-30-31-33.  True team effort to have 8 guys that high up in the field in a race with 126 runners. Senior Liam Nelson and Freshman Rhys Piovesan secured top 10 spots, 6th and 9th respectively, to lead the way today.  Zay and Elliott were separated by 19 seconds and 5 spots to take 16th and 21st, with Luke just 18 seconds back of them in 28th to round out our scoring.  A very promising sign though was the work our next pack put in today, with Elijah, Anthony Gough, and Landon coming in at 30, 31, and 33, with only 20 seconds separating our #5 and 8 spots today. 

The girls recorded the lowest team total in the history of the meet, scoring just 24 points, which beat their mark of 26 from the 2017 race.  This is particularly impressive when you note that the first couple of years, this meet had just 7 or 8 teams, and has grown to a field of 14 teams, with 11 scoring complete scores today.   Today's group was led by a pair of Crain's at the front of the pack, with junior Annalyssa and freshman Clara taking the top two spots in the field of 93 runners.  Ella Hayden continued the Mustang attack taking fourth place, and Emma Bitner took 7th, giving us four of the top 7 spots in today's race.  Sophomore Claire Sherfield continued her improvement of recent weeks, by moving from 25th early in the race to 13th at the finish line.  After taking the SAT a couple of weeks ago, this was Olivia Werner's first 5K of the season, and ran 11 seconds faster than her first race last season, continuing to show promising signs for the team.  We also got to see Olivia Doyle back in action and Paige Perry made her first appearance in an Edgewood uniform.  
Columbus Classic at Ceraland

45-8 (.849)

51-1 (.981)

Boys 2nd in A Race, Girls Win A Race.  Lots of PRs and great effort from our full group today.  

After a long summer training well as a team, and some initial meets this season to get our feet wet, the boys were ready to go out and attack a race.  This was really the first time this season that we had really gone after a full out effort from the gun, and they responded very well. The first meet like that can sometimes put people out too quick, but our guys really did handle it well and put themselves in a great position early, then showed a lot of toughness to finish well.  We have essentially been running with two distinct packs and much of todays race was the same. A couple of cool things from those packs though was that at different points throughout the race, each of those packs was led by someone different. That is a sign that all of them are staying engaged in the full race and are starting to get a better grasp on how to race with  their teammates, which is something that we have been focused on this year.   Then when things started to shake out down the stretch, we actually saw the gap between those two groups shrinking, another point of emphasis for us.  

The meet saw the boys set a ton of PRs:

This was a really good test for the girls to be in such a large race, with some really high caliber teams.  The field is combined for the race, but scored in big and small school divisions. So even though we were scored separately, we got to see where we stack up against three teams with top ten potential, and the results are promising.  Annalyssa reset her prior course and school record with a blistering 17:38, beating the old mark by 11 seconds. She also showed some more pop down the stretch, which is impressive given the fact that it was entirely done on her own.  Then Clara put up a mark which clearly starts to put her in contention near the front of just about any meet that we will compete in. 19:02 is a really fast race, and it was done in such consistent fashion. Ella was also out right among the leaders and battled through the first couple of miles, Her mark of 19:42 is very, very good in it’s own right.  But when you couple that with the progress she is still making on a weekly basis, and knowing that this race would also be an excellent learning tool for her, we are very excited about the things she is setting herself and this team up for with her effort. Emma had a breakout with a 20:45, which really is showing her gaining strength and confidence in her own ability.

Clay City Invitational

51-9 (.850)

55-1 (.982)


Both teams were looking to do some things to gear up for Saturday’s meet in Brown County.  Their effort today had them starting conservative and making multiple surges throughout the race, and then were given the challenge of trying to move up the field.  

The boys were led by our top group who was between 20-35th position early in the race, but used solid moves to make big gains during the first two or three Ks, then were working on picking up an additional spot or two each K.  While it was a really tough day, they handled it really well. Liam and Rhys led the way for us with a pair of top-ten finishes (7th and 9th) which kinda got the boys into contention for team scoring, which was not really something we totally anticipated.  Actually the finish score was just 14 points behind WRV who won, and we really had a shot to still win the meet even doing some race strategy training. The boys team continues to get stronger through our depth and each meet we are seeing a new handful of guys make a big step forward.  Some good things are happening with this group right now, and today was another step in the right direction

The girls employed a similar strategy, and worked themselves back into the race well, to eventually finish with enough to win the meet.  It was a little strange for some to be so conservative at the start, but given the conditions it ended up being the right plan, and the girls really did a great job at working up the field at each surge point.  Annalyssa was very consistent with her moves and showed some good pop when it was time to turn it on. She just continues to develop new parts to her racing repertoire. One of the most positive things to take away from the meet for the girls is that immediately afterward, they all seemed to feel like it was a quality day that was going to prepare them for upcoming meets.  As with the boys, good things keep happening throughout our roster, and we are excited to turn our attention to a big one this Saturday at Brown County.

Eagle Classic At Brown County

BOYS (split team)
11th/17 (Fr/So)
11th/20 (AA)
60-20 (.750)

63-8 (.887)

Both teams looked to be feeling Thursday’s meet at Clay City. Both definitely have more to give but were able to stay close to what they did in the previous weekend’s meet in Columbus. Provided conditions are similar next week, a more favorable training schedule should lead to times that better reflect the potential of both teams.

Boys: Varsity was split between Freshman/Sophomore race and the Varsity race. If teams were combined, they would have been ahead of BNL, an important step for the sectional. Times were fairly close to Columbus, but even better was the way that the boys tried to get out fast. Top 4 had first K’s close to 3:15. In bigger races late in the season, they are going to have to go out that fast to stay competitive, so that was an important step.

Girls: Among teams in our semistate, the girls were 5th. Gap between us and Northview was the same as the gap between us and Bloomington South in 4th. There was a fairly large gap back to 7th. This will allow us to take some risks in race strategy going forward in the state tournament. Ella took a big step today, finishing closer to Clara and pr’ing by 30+ seconds. They continue to be underrated on inccstats. Still 10 positions behind Northview despite beating them by a comfortable margin.

Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational



Dual Meet Vs.OV




Ted Fox Memorial @ BNL



WIC Championship
@ Edgewood


IHSAA Sectionals @ BNL



IHSAA Regionals @ BNL

99-47 (.678)



 IHSAA Semi-State @ Brown County



  IHSAA State Finals @ Terre Haute


110-61 (.643)