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11th Hour Meet @ Home

1-1 (.500)

1-1 (.500)

With the cancellation of the scheduled Early Bird at 7:30 Friday night, our parents and a few fellow coaches decided that we could still pull together a little race to give the kids a chance to get those first 5K jitters out.  The first meet of the season is always a mix of anticipation and excitement, with a little bit of nerves thrown in there.  After spending a full summer training, it feels good to actually get to go race.  We were glad the teams from Martinsville and Bloomington North agreed and wanted to come over to race. 

The girls were up first and showed some really positive signs in their first competition of the season. The season they had last year set a really high bar, and Annalyssa was a big part of that.  But the group keeps striving for better, which she also embodies.  She won the race today, by a significant margin but she also matched her time from last year on a course that is more likely to yield some that are slower.  She has had a great summer, and looks to be taking the next step in her development as a runner.  Sarah Foster and Emma Bitner came in 4th and 5th respectively, to kick off their seasons.  Both looked to be engaged in the race and will continue to improve as the experience comes.  Sarah is a sophomore but she does so much through the summer that when it is just time to race a 5K it takes a few meets to get things going.  It is a positive sign for this team to see Emma so close to her this early on. Claire Sherfield also snagged a top 10 spot and came in right at 23:00.  Paige Abel was our top senior running today and had some stretches where there was some clear competitive fire.  Going to be fun to see her make her final push, after being such an integral part of this team for four years now.  Olivia Werner, Alyssa Milah, and Olivia Doyle finished up our girls side of things today, also showing some promise for things to come. Even if things didn't go as planned all of the time, one thing I know will happen is that this group will come back Monday and be ready to get back at it.  

The boys had some real positive signs for the 2018 season.  At this point, Austin being up toward the front of a pack has become a sight that we have become used to.  After leading for most of the race there was a bit of a tweak that we thought it best to back off a bit.  He is going to have a long season with high expectations and it is important to keep a proper perspective on what needs to be done and when.  One difference today was a showing of some more depth than we have had in a while. In fact, the depth last season was something that was a challenge for us. Last season there were multiple, significant gaps between our 2-3 and our 3-4 and so on.    Today we had Liam coming across as our second man, but then our 3-7 followed right behind him.  With our 2-7 coming in within about 40 seconds of each other, It has confirmed our thoughts that we would see a much tighter pack this season than we did last season.  These guys have put in a lot of work this summer and most of it was working together.  A day like today we saw that happen organically mid-race, which is a definite positive sign for our upcoming season.  The order of these guys was Liam Nelson, Elliott Gough, Cameron Banister
Zay Doering, Landon Ringler, Anthony Richardson.  While each of those six guys had some really strong points, the biggest standout was Elliott.  Last year his fastest race was 19:57.  Today he came through in 19:34, and our course is much much more challenging than the one his previous PR came on, and this was more than three minutes faster than any prior race he has had on our course!  Elijah Gill, Nathan Bolin, Cayden Howard, and Dylan Robertson were also in action for us today.  Dylan and Nathan have had a much greater workload this season, and are getting their first taste of racing under a heavy training load like we have had.  As we start to peel that back a bit, they will undoubtedly continue the signs of progress we have seen all summer.  For both Elijah and Cayden this was their first 5K ever and it will be exciting to see improvement as we go. 
Danville Hokem Karem




Mustang Invitational

12-1 (.923)

11-5 (.688)

The heat combined with the challenges our course presents did not stop the Mustangs from putting out a quality effort today.  

The girls set out with a goal to work as a group to push and pull each other through the field.  The front three pack of Annalyssa, Sarah, and Kaylee executed their portion of that en route to securing the 1st, 2nd, and 4th positions respecively.  For Annalyssa and Sarah that was back-to-back years with back-to-back finishes.  Kaylee gained a couple of spots from her 2017 race, where she got 6th.  Claire,  Olivia, and Paige also held a close group through the first loop to give themselves a chance to work with each other during the second.  Claire keeps showing a lot of promise right out of the gate as a Freshman, and Paige and Olivia both have started to look a little stronger through the week and appear to be getting back on track. Those three coming in within about a minute of each other was a nice development and a good sign for things to come.    Bailey as our #7 today came across three positions higher than that spot came in last season.  And with Alyssa finishing in 40th, it looks like the deeper team we thought we might have is coming into focus a little bit. We really believe the girls are going to be a real headache for just about any team we go up against down the road. It's a tough group that is really motivated and even after a day like today, there are a lot of things that we know we can work on to keep getting better.  

The boys race shaped up to be a really competitive one, between the top 8 teams.  Our boys had a much better showing than we saw here last year, even though it was the same finishing position.  This year there was a much stronger sense of fight on display.  The eyeball test as the race was unfolding appeared that way, then the results reflected it.  Last year our 5th scorer came across in 63rd spot.  Today, our 8th spot came in 57th.  Liam was our first across in  13th to push our pack from the front.  Elliott Gough took another step today finishing in 21st...this kid barely cracked the top 100 last season at this meet! Freshman Anthony Richardson asserted himself in the second half of the race, and came up big for us with a 28th place finish, just six seconds behind Elliott.  Cam Banister was just seven seconds off of him for a 30th place finish.  Then just 14 seconds later Landon Ringler came through in was a whole lot of people coming in right around that time.  There were about 30 total boys who came in between 20 and 21 minutes, so the guys were competing well all the way through the finishing stages.  Freshman Elijah Gill got his first big meet experience and ran  as our #6 today, in a time that was faster than our scoring 5th man last year.  In a reflection of the difficulty that the heat presented, Nathan Bolin rounded out our varisty runners with a time just two seconds off his effort from last season in this meet, but he gained 13 positions.  Then even on a day when Zay was facing some challenges mid-race, he kept fighting to finish ahead of 19 other scoring (top 5) runners from competing teams.  As with the girls, the boys are starting to get the sense that this pack is going to be our strength this season.   Cayden had one of those races where you just have to put it out there and gut out to the finish, but he hooked up with Dylan and the pair worked together to help push Dylan to a huge improvement from his 2017 race.  Last year it took him almost 30 minutes to complete this race and he and Cayden came in in 26:45 and 26:31 respectively. 

All around it was a good day for both crews.  Lots of positives to build on as we keep working through the week to get ready for Columbus on Saturday. 
Columbus Classic at Ceraland

22-2 (.917)

25-10  (.714)

This race is run as a combined race but scored by class--"Big School" (AA) and "Small School" (A).

Clay City Invitational

26-2  (.929)



Eagle Classic At Brown County

7th/15 (Elite)
34-8 (.810)

BOYS (split team)
36-22 (.621)

SUPER muddy day at Brown County, and the times were reflective.  Early races (boys Frosh/Soph) was not as bad, but by the time our other groups were competing, it was pretty much a slop fest.  It was a fun day, for sure, just not one that yielded some faster times that we were hoping this meet would provide the opportunity for.  

Crawford County Invitational

56-9 (.862)

63-24 (.724)

The girls are getting closer to what we think we are going to have for the state series run that begins in a few weeks. We are still looking to get some key pieces back over the coming weeks, but even in their absence the girls competing today held down the fort.  Annalyssa led the charge, by running away from the field early and then hammering in the heat to challenge for a meet record.  Coming up in the last mile with it in range, she ended the day just a few seconds shy, in an impressive 18:36, to win by more than a minute!   Kaylee was 2nd for us today, finishing in 20:33, good for 4th in the JR/SR race.  She went out with a mindset to compete with the frontrunners in that race and was taking the chance to challenge herself, which will pay off down the road.  Coming in at 21:09, Sarah was our third finisher today. Taking 6th in the FR/SO race and 13th overall, that put our top 3 in the top 15, which is impressive in a field this big.  Olivia took another step in the right direction today, coming in 21st in FR/SO and 35th overall.  Sometimes the results don't tell the whole story though, and this is one of those cases.  We are starting to see Olivia stay more engaged in the tough stretches of her races now, and her ability is starting to be realized a little more each week.  Freshman Claire Sherfield was 48th overall, and Paige was 51st (23:06 and 23:11 respectively).  In a field that included 239 runners, to place all six right at the top 50 was a good showing for the six we had out today.  

The boys were led by Austin, who won his first meet of the season, after spending a few weeks on the mend.  His run of 16:22 was his fastest of the season, on a pretty challenging course, and in the hottest race of the day.  As he works to get his running legs back under him, it is good to see signs of him getting back to what we were expecting to see at the start of the season.  Liam and Cam came in together, for 39th and 40th overall (18:52 and 55) .  These two have kind of taken charge of that 2-3 position the last couple of weeks, and we will be counting on them to move up in the field now that they are getting used to working with each other throughout the course of a race. Elliott and Zay finished out our scoring 5 today, in 19:33 and 19:47.  Both of those guys pretty much smashed what they did at this meet last year, and both saw some significant improvement after this meet last year.  We are hopeful that we see a similar thing occur in the coming weeks.  Putting all 5 scoring runners in the top 25% of a field this size puts us in contention in a lot of meets.  Getting those 5 to continue to work to move up in the field is going to be an important goal as we get into the final few weeks of the season. In his second meet with us, Luke Roland came across in at 20:19, and has shown some promise, once he adapts to some different training styles that we use.  The Freshman pair of Anthony Richardson and Elijah Gill spent a majority of the race battling back from a tough start (we'll call it a Freshman learning curve), but they did it very well, once they realized that it had happened.  What was nice to see was that when one moved, the other one did too.  They worked with each other to gain a lot of position as the race progressed.  Landon Ringler was our final runner who finished in the top half of the field of almost 300 athletes.  Coming in in 138 overall, it was a tough day, but he has shown in the early races this year that he is going to be one of the guys vying for a varsity spot, when it comes down to the final few weeks. Cayden Howard came in at 22:51, after a blazing fast start.  We talked about going out fast and trying to take a chance, and he did it with enthusiasm.  It is one of the days where the result may not be what you hoped for, but when you look at the whole arc of a season and what we want to see by the end, this was a day that helped him move closer to the goals we laid out for the next few weeks.  Dylan Robertson was our final athlete today, coming in at 24:25.  Last year Dylan was the 68th Freshman across the line.  This year he was the 51st Sophomore, showing his improvement against the people in his same class, from the same meet last year.   

All in all, we saw a lot of positives today, and even though we have some things we still need to improve on, it sure helps to have some things like today to move forward with. 

Dual Meet Vs.OV

58-9 (.866)


66-24 (.733)

Today South Putnam and Greencastle's boys joined up with our  planned dual meet vs OV.  After the impressive work during Monday's practice, the boys competed well, taking 9 of the top 14.  The girls also looked strong, en route to a convincing win (16-57 and 58)
Ted Fox Memorial @ BNL

73-9 (.890)

75-30 (.714)

Today our boys and girls had some goals in mind, with an eye turned towards getting ready for the state series in a couple of weeks.  Knowing that we were going to have some good racing weather (finally), and being on the course we will be at for Sectionals, it was a chance for our kids to work on some things specific to this course.  

Annalyssa showed up with a goal of breaking 18 minutes, and set out with a fast pace from the gun.  As she came across the 1K mark, she was on pace, well in front and was going to be pushing on her own to keep herself in contention with that target.  Still on pace at the halfway mark, she continued to grind and focus on keeping her rhythm.  When all was said and done, she came into the finish in 17:48, which broke her previous personal best and school record, as well as the course record at BNL!  It was the kind of performance that puts her solidly in contention with the best runners in the entire state.  It is truly something special that she is doing right now, and it is exciting to see her continue knocking down barriers.  Kaylee ended up third today, with a mark of 19:38 and was the 3rd athlete to cross the line. She has really started to consistently put herself in contention further up the field this season, and it was a big boost for the girls that she did that again today. Sarah was our #3 today, and was coming into the race after fighting off a little bug a few days ago.  Tough day for her, but hopefully one she will bounce back from when we come back in a couple of weeks.  Claire had a PR today, coming in 17th at 21:10.  Every couple of weeks she keeps chipping away at that time and is starting to get more accustomed to the full 5K distance.  Olivia and Paige both had really strong races today, continuing their impressive and rapid improvement over the past few weeks.  After battling through some things, these two just look so much stronger each week.  The pair blasted their previous season bests to come in 21:32 and 21:52, which puts them a major step closer to getting back to where we saw them a year ago.  It is good to see it happening at the right time, and hopefully we keep seeing them staying focused on their work to keep this trend going. Bailey was our last runner in the varsity race today, and struggled a bit in her first race back in a couple of weeks.  We are creatures of habit and sometimes when that routine is disrupted it can be a challenge to get back into it, but hopefully today is a day she can chalk up to getting into the swing of things and move forward from here. Alyssa was our lone runner in the JV race today, and had an outstanding race.  She was much more competitive throughout the race, and was starting to make strong racing moves throughout the 5K, which is a sign that she is starting to figure out how to race at this distance and at this level. Her time of 23:12 was a huge PR, and was good enough to place 9th in the field of 85 JV runners!  

The boys race was led by Austin again, who is starting to round into form after missing some time earlier in the season.  It was his most complete race since he has been back, and his time of 15:33 was actually faster than his race here last year.  So, as far as looking at it as a checkpoint, it was great that he was able to check this one off and have some momentum starting to build as he starts looking towards the state series in a couple of weeks. For the first time this season, we saw Cameron and Liam both go under 18 Minutes, which was one of the goals coming into the meet.  It was important that they led our group through some checkpoints in the race, and we saw Luke, Elliott, and Anthony all follow their lead, en route to new PRs and season bests.  This team has been working on racing as a pack this season and getting the hang of it.  We had talked about that pack needing to start dropping the time down this week, and they certainly did that.  Between those five, there were two PRs and three season bests.  As important as it was to see our #2 and 3 finally get under that 18 minute mark so they can start working down towards 17, it was a real good sign to see that 4-6 get down into the range where we can start talking about them seeing a sub-18 performance very soon.  Our team is going to go as far as this pack can go, and a race like today is hopefully a springboard to some even better things down the road. Landon was our final runner in the varsity race today, and was just a second off his season best.  Our boys in the JV race today did really well too.  Zay used the race as opportunity to race near the front of the field.  Within the first 400 meters Zay was in the top 5 and continued to battle the whole race.  Guys would move past him, but he would get back in front of them a minute later.  He just really showed a lot of fight today, and he had what could prove to be a big boost for him.  His run of 18 flat was his season best by over a minute.  The team is definitely improved when Zay races like that, and the confidence from today should prove to be a positive addition to things for the next couple of weeks.  Elijah set a PR in the race, starting to get close to breaking 19.  Nathan Bolin also turned his fastest 5K this season (19:39) and starts to set himself up for his final push to break 19.  Cayden just keeps getting faster each week out, and again today he set a PR.  His mark of 20:13 is starting to get himself down where we had hoped to see him (well into the 19s) by season's end.  Dylan demolished his prior PR by more than two minutes!  He had been mid 24s and just broke through a big barrier with a 22:09 today!  
WIC Championship
@ South Putnam

82-9 (.901)

83-31 (.728)

Placing 4 in the top 10 (Annalyssa, Kaylee, Sarah, and Claire) and Paige in 16, the girls convincingly won the meet with 33 points, compared to Northview's 77 in 2nd.  Annalyssa ran a gutsy race, going toe-to-toe with the defending state champion (Greencastle's Emma Wilson).  The pair even had to dodge a vehicle that was blocking the course at one point, but they put on a great show and set themselves up for the stretch run towards the state series.  Kaylee and Sarah's third and fourth place finishes were boost, and it was nice to see Sarah have another solid race in a big meet.  Those two competed really well today.   Claire also had a really tough race, finishing in the top 10, ahead of a handful of quality athletes who have had some more experience in these kinds of meets.  

The boys race was a little closer than the girls, but we were on the other end of the results with Northview taking the title by a score of 44-61.  The boys competed well, but honestly just fell short to a quality team.  The increased focus and training we have seen for the past few weeks appeared to have us in contention for the win today, but just seemed like a case of being just a little late to get where we had hoped. Behind Haskett's win, the pack of Banister, Nelson, and Doering came in within a few seconds of one another and earned all WIC honors. 

IHSAA Sectionals @ BNL

89-11 (.890)

91-33 (.734)

IHSAA Regionals @ BNL




 IHSAA Semi-State @ Brown County



  IHSAA State Finals @ Terre Haute