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Local Races

You could run some local 5Ks if you would like.  They are all usually for a good cause, and will not hurt your training.  Just let me know you want to and I will make sure your training schedule fits accordingly.  For the younger runners this will give them an opportunity to begin the adjustment to the 5K distance.  For some of the veterans, running a 5K may give them a chance to see where they stand.  Running a 10K can be some good over-distance training. Plus, having some periodic races to shoot for may help with a little extra motivation during the middle of the summer...though that seems pretty short anymore :)

Check the Magnificent Seven Race Series calendar for upcoming races in our area.  

The Mustang Stampede is the tennis team's 7K race, on August 1st at 8AM.  Our first meet is a few weeks later, so this would be a good over distance training that would also support a fellow class mate...remember that we will be hoping to see some of their folks out at our race on September 6th. 

Mustang Community Races Tuesday, September 3rd
This is the race on our beautiful course and we want the community to come celebrate running with us!  Our XC course and the trails at Flatwoods are the only public trails in Ellettsville, and our community should know that there is a place to come run or walk and get some exercise in a safe environment.  The 3K and 5K will be entirely on our awesome course, and the Mini-Marathon will use our course, and the trails at Flatwoods Park, highlighting the two trails. Eventually, this will become a full trail mini, once the trail connecting the two is completed.  This event will help raise awareness for the proposed connecting trail.