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Practice Schedule

Our summer miles program officially starts on June 3rd.  Running logs will be  handed out at the meeting on Wednesday May 22nd.  Contact Coach Mobley by completing this form if you were not able to attend the meeting but would like to start running with us.

  • Logging runs is mandatory. Each athlete will get a running log.  Keep your log in your bag if you need to, but we will fill them out daily.  This starts working towards our season goals and your varsity letters
  • ALL runs/workouts will have a time recorded, so all athletes are required to have a stopwatch of some kind.   
  • Smartphones with a GPS app are acceptable, though a watch is still a necessity.  
  • Strava is a cool running app that you can use too.  I use it myself (see our homepage).

XC CAMP DATE: July 8-11: We would love to see even more of our group participate in this year's camp!  Details here

Notes on Practice LocationsWeeks 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 we will meet at the following locations, unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.

Monday at EHS. (Entrance #4, a.k.a. the "athletic" doors.) 

Tuesday at McCormick's Creek. (Playground past the pool.  Go in the main entrance, and stay on the main road all the way past the pool and the nature center parking lot.  The next lot you see on your right is where we meet.)

Wednesday at Lake Griffey.  (Boat House parking lot.  Head into Bloomington on 46.  Go past the IU stadium to the light at Matlock Rd/Fee Ln.  Turn L. on Matlock Rd.  The road will curve a few times and go down a big hill, which puts you right at the causeway to the lake.  The parking lot is across the causeway, on your right.)

Thursday at the B-Line Trail. (Country Club Drive Parking Lot.  Head S. on IN37/I69 to Tapp Rd. Stoplight.  Turn L, and go through stoplight at Rogers and the parking lot will be just ahead on the right.)

Friday at EHS.  (Entrance #4, a.k.a. the "athletic" doors.)

Practice Times: (STARTING JUNE 3rd)  
Week 1: June 3-Jun9: Pre-Season Conditioning (with Coach Mobley and Coach Evans).  Monday through Friday from 7:30-9:30 AM  
  • All days this week we will meet at the high school.  It will just be better to get started there, then we can hit our other locations beginning in week 2.
  • New runners: Run  three days for 20 minutes or more, and one day running 30-45 minutes.  Dont worry about hitting a certain distance or pace, though you should record both times and distances on your log sheet. Just get your body adjusted to spending that time on your feet and moving continuously.

Week 2: June10-June16: Pre-Season Conditioning (with Coach Mobley and Coach Evans).  Monday through Friday from 7:30-9:30 AM 
  • Most kids will be done with track in mid to late may, and should have two or three full weeks off
  • These are optional days for anyone who wants to get some light workouts in, and just get their bodies back in rhythm after a couple of weeks off.  New runners are strongly encouraged to come to these days because it will be a very gradual introduction to what we do.

Week 3: June 17-June23:  Pre-Season Conditioning (with Coach Mobley and Coach Evans).  Monday through Friday from 7:30-9:30 AM 
  • Optional days, but it would be nice to see the full team here at this point
  • Thursday the 20th will be our annual Sonic Run. 

Week 4: June  June 24-June30: Pre-Season Conditioning (with Coach Mobley and Coach Evans).  Monday through Friday from 7:30-9:30 AM 
  • We are getting into the progression of our workout schedule.  It is important to see our group still getting out there and enjoying their runs with teammates.
  • Wednesday the 26th, we will meet as a group for the 5th annual Hill Challenge, at Lake Griffey.  "We eat hills for breakfast!"  For those getting picked up, this will be done later than usual, due to the breakfast following the hill challenge.  Pickups can be arranged around 10:30 at Denny's.

Week 5: July1-July7: No Coach Contact (IHSAA-mandated Moratorium Week)
Pre-Season Conditioning (with Coach Mobley).  Monday through Friday from 7:30-9:30 AM
  • Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we meet at the regular time, but swap locations.  
  • Wednesday the 28th we will actually meet at the B Line location (where we normally meet on Thursdays.)
  • Thursday the 29th will be the 3rd annual Hill Challenge, at Lake Griffey (where we normally meet on Wednesdays)

Week 6: July 8-July14: XC Camp at Patoka Lake (Actually the 10th-13th.  Friday will be a rest day.)
  • Details are posted on the separate, XC Camp page of the website.

Week 7: July15-July21: Full Practice (with Coach Mobley and Coach Evans).  Monday through Friday from 7:30-9:30 AM 
  •  I know the summer is about over and family things will take up some time, but if you are in town, I would expect that you are here.  If you are not in town, I would expect that the workouts posted are going to be followed and logged as you would if you were here.   
  • All team members should be completing the scheduled workouts and logging them,  even if they are not meeting with the team.  

Week 8: July 22-July28:  Full Practice (with Coach Mobley and Coach Evans).  Monday through Friday from 7:30-9:30 AM 

Week 9: July 29-August4: Monday through Friday from 3:00-5:00, all at EHS.
  • Most of our practices from here on out will be in the afternoon.  We need this week to let our bodies adjust to that, and to adjust to being around the school.

Week 10: August5-August11:  First day of Official Practice.  
  • Practices will run from 2:45-5:00
  • Attendance at practices is mandatory from this point forward.  

Some Possible, Optional Team Events Taking Place This Summer
  • Low Gap Challenge- This is an event that the Martinsville boys and girls teams do every year.  They meet at 6:30 PM to run portions of the 9+ mile loop through some trails in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.  (A few athletes in years past have completed the full trail, but most just do smaller loops).  Their coaches flag the course and have water stops along the way. Fruit, gatorade and snacks are provided at the finish. 

  • 5th Annual Hill Challenge- Just what it sounds like.  How many times can you make it up the hill?  Last year was the first year for this event, and it went better than I could have imagined.  We have had a lot of athletes complete the challenge of all 20 trips, and lots of others made 10+.  It is a really cool thing to see, and we are looking forward to it again.  This year, the teams from Martinsville High School may be joining us in our effort to "Eat The Hills For Breakfast"

  • Long Run Soul Runs- The reason we go to different locations throughout the summer is that I believe it to be good for a runner's soul to get out in new places and mix things up.  There are some beautiful trails within a short drive that we may meet at for some good group long runs.