2019 XC Camp

The Camp spot has been reserved!! The Four Season's Camp Ground, at Patoka Lake was a hit with the team the past few years...air conditioned cabins are sweeeeet in July!  Of course, Holiday World will still be on the itinerary!  The checklist and waiver form are available for download at the bottom of this page.

***NOTE:  ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL.  Ones from last year are not applicable for this school year.  We are in a new season, and must have new physicals for this school year.  They need to have been conducted since this past May to be applicable for the current season.***  

CAMP FOOD SIGNUP: Click on the link to open the document that has all of our food and meal needs listed.  If you are willing to chip in and cover portions for a day, just type your name next to the item so everyone else can see what is already being covered.  Anything not covered on the list by Friday I will try to go to Sams Club and get. 

DATES:  July 8-July11 (Meet Monday at the high school at 11AM. Return Thursday around 10PM)

  • $150 per athlete, up front.  (This includes Holiday World ticket)
  • Cost will not be the reason for people to not go.  If this is a burden on an athletes family and would prevent them from going, please contact me privately.  We will make sure anyone who wants to go, gets to go.
Since the week before that is the IHSAA moratorium and we will not be practicing, getting waiver forms, physical forms, and camp fees turned in might be a little tricky. It is best to have those all done prior to moratorium week.
  • Checks, Physical Forms, and Camp Waivers can all be turned in when we meet on the 10th to leave.
  • Parents may contact me during the week before we leave.  If you want to try to get the forms and all that to me during that week, we can make arrangements to meet.
CHAPERONES:  Boys and Girls Head Coach Micah Mobley;  Some of our Assistant Coaches will also be attending; We also have a few parents who have expressed interest in coming down and helping prepare meals.  

If any other parents are interested in attending, and helping out with the cooking of meals and supervision of this awesome group of kids, please get in touch with me.   

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS:  There are separate sides to the cabins, one for boys and one for girls.  I will be staying in the boys’ side. Chaperones will have a third cabin that will provide some overflow sleeping area if we have a larger number of participants than last year.


Mustang TrackXC,
May 13, 2018, 8:56 PM
Mustang TrackXC,
May 13, 2018, 8:56 PM